Features preview of Alpha 15

Posted August 17th, 2016 by Tynan Sylvester

Hey everyone! We’re currently finishing up Alpha 15. Since it’s basically feature complete, I thought it’d be nice to put up a quick upcoming features list for your perusal. So – here you go!

I don’t know when the new update will come out. It really depends on how many bugs and other issues come up, which is almost unknowable. We may do a public unstable branch test.

EDIT: This list is being updated as features change in response to feedback from the unstable build public testing.


  • Added new rich tutorial with step-by-step instructions.
  • Tutorial teaches the basics of setting up a game, building a small self-sustaining colony, and defeating the first
  • Tutorial locks out irrelevant controls and highlights relevant controls.
  • At the end of the tutorial, the player can continue the game with a normal storyteller.

Learning helper

  • Added new learning helper system to replace yellow pop-up messages and yellow learning alerts.
  • Learning helper sits in the top right of the screen. If something happens relating to a concept the player hasn’t learned, that lesson will be activated and shown on the learning helper. It can then be opened and read. Lessons are automatically marked as learned when the player does the necessary interaction, and can be marked as learned manually. Lessons are shown as needed by circumstance, or on a slow timer. The overall idea is that you’ll never be shown a lesson you already know, but always be shown the lessons you need to know now.
  • Learning helper can be expanded and searched for any lesson, so you can look up how to do a specific thing at any time.

Drugs system

  • Added new drugs system. It’s not just beer any more!
  • Drugs typically create up to four effects. Not all drugs have all effects.
    • Primary – The valuable short-term effect, whether it improves mood or work focus or combat effectiveness or makes one immune to a disease.
    • Overdose – Excessive drug usage in a short time can build up blood toxicity, leading to unconsciousness and possible death.
    • Tolerance – Long-term usage of a drug can build up a tolerance which makes subsequent usage less and less effective in producing the high.
    • Addiction – Drug use can form an addiction. This generates a new need for the drug which the pawn will try to feed regularly. If the need isn’t fed, the pawn will develop withdrawal symptoms (low mood, reduced consciousness). Eventually withdrawal will pass and the addiction will go away.
  • Drugs can be assigned for regular taking through the drug policy system. Similar to Outfits, drug policies are an assigned schedule for taking drugs. You can set any number of drugs, each with a frequency. For example, you can assign a colonist to drink 2 beers every day, and take one Malari-Block every 5 days.
  • The drugs are:
    • Beer – Improved mood but worsened capacities. Addictive.
    • Malari-block – Prevents malaria infection for 5 days.
    • Yayo – Stimulant pleasure drug, addictive.
    • Flake – Cheap, short high, very addictive.
    • Wake-up – Improves work performance, addictive.
    • Smokeleaf – Improved mood but worsened capacities. More hunger, slower movement. Can form dependence.
    • Go-Juice – Synthetic futuristic combat drug. Boost speed and fighting capacity tremendously. Addictive.
    • Luciferium – Glitterworld mechanites that give huge bonuses to most capacities. However, without repeated doses the user goes insane and dies. It is impossible to clear the addiction, and the drug is 100% addictive on one dose.
  • Drugs are produced in various ways, typically at the new Drug Lab building, from various precursor chemicals and growable crops. They require research to create.

Deep drilling

  • The map now spawns with clusters of underground resources. These can be accessed by building a deep scanner to find them, and then building deep drills on top of them, and then working the drills. This slowly produces the resource.
  • Deep drilling tech is at the end of the tech tree. This should mitigate late-game resource exhaustion problems.


  • Mood is now drawn subtly behind the pawn on the colonist readout at the top of the screen.
  • You can now produce medicine from herbal medicine, neutroamine (a precursor chemical you buy), and cloth. Requires research.
  • Added passive cooler building. Made of wood and low tech, it cools a room for a short time. Good for passing heat waves as a tribe.
  • Added a ‘copy building’ tool which lets you quickly select the designator for a building through an existing copy of that building.
  • Beer production now takes several stages: Colonists make wort (unfermented beer) at the brewer table, then leave it in fermenting barrels for a while, after which they can harvest it as beer.
    Infestation can now only spawn under a thick roof.
  • Gear tab now shows aggregate stats about armor and comfy temperatures.
  • Raider steal a bit more often now.
  • Factored MapGeneratorDef apart into separate GenStepDefs which can be modded or inserted individually. This will allow modders to change the MapGenerator without blowing away each others’ changes.
  • Added alert: Need warm clothes.
  • Mods can now be dragged to reorder them in the mods page.
  • Re-tuned food finding algorithm.
  • Hunters will no longer hunt without a ranged weapon.
  • Debuffed corn a bit.
  • Reworked trade interface to clearly state what kind of trader they are, and to list items they’re not willing to trade.
  • Reworked trader stock generators so traders carry and accept more sensible items for their type.
  • You can now request traders by calling allied factions. It costs silver.
  • Chance to spring known traps is reduced from 2.5% to 0.4%.
  • Friendly fire chances reduced by 60% for fly-by shots (shots that miss and land in the cell with a pawn have the same chance to hit as before).
  • Added a message when food spoils in storage.
  • Fix: Pawns don’t get ‘catharsis’ mood gainer thought after a mental break.
  • Rename PDW to Machine pistol.
  • Torches and campfires are no longer destroyed near-instantly by rain/snow. They instead consume fuel faster.
  • Torches consume fuel a bit faster overall.
  • Fueled generator consumes fuel faster and holds less fuel.
  • Plant sow and harvest are now slower.
  • Debuffed fists.
  • Reduced volume of idle animal calls at high time speeds.
  • Smithing is now a prerequisite for Machining research.
  • Added a toggleable view that shows roofs in glowing green.
  • Hundreds of other balance changes, text fixes, redesigns, and bug fixes.

75 Responses to “Features preview of Alpha 15”

  1. 123nick

    awesome update tynan! im excited 😀

    one question though- the 60% reduction of friendly fire, how did you do it? just a chance that a shot would just not hit a friendly ?

  2. Sean G

    “Re-tuned food finding algorithm.”

    Tons of great changes to look forward to but I have to say this is my favorite so far. Keep up the great work Tynan! I love that I can confidently spread the word of how awesome Rimworld is on all the forums.

  3. Retr

    When will you fix the mood system?
    And known traps shouldn’t be triggered at all, there is litteraly no use for them because they hurt my own people way more than enemies.

  4. wek

    Can we get opiate pain kills too?

  5. Seanbeag

    Looks good. I especially like the reduction in friendly fire. I’ve lost a lot of good people to that.

    Any chance you will be adding a way to increase your tribes tech level?

  6. kiba

    your clolonists can avoid traps but you need to left some free space so they can go around it.
    Nice update tho.

  7. SimpleMachine

    Thanks Tynan,

    would you be able to fix the fact that only one colonist can watch a television at the same time, even if there are multiple seats within its zone.

  8. FFpotato

    I’ve been asking in a lot of places, can we get an option for the old hud back? The one from alpha 11 era. I haven’t played the game since you changed it, because I can’t stand the new one.

  9. What old hud? What changed?

  10. gewl

    Hunters will no longer hunt without a ranged weapon? what’s the point of that? seems like a bizarre and unrealistic nerf to a playstyle that wasn’t optimal anyway, and makes mods that instate ammo basically unplayable

  11. Because 90% of the time anyone was hunting without a ranged weapon, it was by accident and ended with the colonist getting mauled while the player wasn’t looking. Not entertaining.

  12. hopybombr

    if melee can’t hunt can the number of non haulers get nerfed? I exploit melee hunters to carry food back after animals is downed.

    gratefulfor the updates t h ough.

  13. gewl

    Would it be possible to have that set as a bimodal state that defaults to ranged-only, but can be changed in the same manner as priorities? I love my dumb melee-loving hunters that take caribous down with clubs, would hate to have them twiddling their thumbs while some chucklehead with a Luger gets all the glory.

    thanks for a great game btw. I haven’t been able to stop talking about it

  14. Lockdown

    Regarding the hunting restriction: That’s silly. You’re removing player choice for the sake of preventing mistakes that people would learn not to do on their own. If anything, make it so new recruits don’t have a Hunting priority set by default: if the player then gives them a melee weapon AND sets them to hunt, they deserve a good mauling anyway. 🙂

    Please consider it. It’s not entertaining to have your colonist killed due to a mistake, but neither is watching a hunter fire 50 arrows at a rabbit when they could get it done with 2 spear jabs.

  15. AGuy

    Can we please just get the ability to customize our colonists? The vast majority of the community uses Prepare Carefully already, and it’s unbalanced. Can we just get an official addition to the game to allow us some ability to customize our colonist stats, at least in the beginning? It’s far too tedious to sit at the embark screen for an hour repeatedly randoming colonists until you get one that’s acceptable. It directly reduces the ability to enjoy the game by just adding in an annoying step that only serves to irritate the player.

  16. BosSauce

    Excited about the changes to brewing, as an irl brewer I thought the current process left a little to be desired.

  17. ReZpawner

    How come we can’t refine herbs into normal medicine yet though? We can make high tech weaponry and armour, yet we haven’t worked out how to mix a few ingredients? Would’ve been nice to see that in this update, as well as the opiate thing that was previously mentioned.

  18. Nathan Warren

    Great additions. Great game. I love how this game is evolving. Keep up the good work. More features, more complexity. It’s a fantastic piece of art.

  19. FFpotato

    Sorry for the late reply, but I was referring to the old UI that didn’t run across the bottom of the screen. Where you had the architect menu on the bottom left and the other menus were availible through a pop up window with multiple tabs. Sorry for not specifying in my original post. The change was around a year or so ago.

  20. BloodyHell

    Very much looking forward to the next version, the changelog has some nice quality of life improvements such as dragging the mod order instead of clicking the tiny reorder buttons, also curious about how the deep mining turns out to be – I’m already loving the industrialization mod because of this which makes late game less of a waiting game and the new drugs system could be either helpful or a chore to micro-manage, we will see.

    Almost missed “Infestation can now only spawn under a thick roof.” since it was not a bulleted item in the list, I hope that the light intensity has also been fixed by now, so that hives won’t spawn in well lit rooms – at least I think I remember that being a thing that needed fixing.

    Not sure how I feel about the 60% reduction of friendly fire, I actually liked that aspect, but only since I consider the combat realism mod “mendatory” without hit-chance-RNG and armor actually protecting the wearer – I’d say flat out reducing friendly fire chance (if it also affects enemies and not just colonists) is not the right way to resolve certain issues with the combat engine – I’d rather see the combat AI being improved and less RNG for bullets.

    Same goes for hunters no longer hunting without a ranged weapon and again me using the combat realism mod where close combat weapons are actually useful and do damage, being able to kill bunnies and smaller creatures in a single or few hits and armor actually protecting the colonists. (no instant eye scars from every squirrel you happen to come across)
    Also loving the fact that combat realism has “loadouts”, so if I want my hunters to always hunt with a ranged weapon, I just set up a loadout for them and if they get downed, wander around dropping their gun, etc. they’ll get their loadout back from the stockpile right away – that (loadouts) is something I’d very much like to see being added to the base game. (not hunting without ranged weapons being removed)

    It’s “OK” to dumb the game down for the masses but please, pretty please, don’t forget to also cater to the other crowd, preferring a more complex and in-depth playstyle. (the direction RimWorld seemed to be heading in before the “casualization” for the masses)
    Sure, “mods can fix it” is an approach but I’d rather prefer the base game offering some options already – like, adding a difficulty options menu with various settings for map resources, combat RNG, etc. if it really needs to be made more “accessible”.

    Options are good, flat out removing features or quick dumb-downs are less good, but that’s my opinion – I understand that adding “options” also adds complexity to development, needing to cross-check and test every option with others but some middleground solution should be able to be found.
    Sorry for the text wall and the mod references, please don’t take it as negative critizism but constructive one.

  21. There’s nothing ‘dumbed down’ about this update. In fact with the drugs system it’s quite a bit more complex than A14.

    The idea of ‘casualizing’ the game literally never even entered my brain while designing this. Changes like reducing friendly fire and reducing trap accidental springs have totally separate design purposes:

    Reduce FF: allow players to use animals as weapons, allow players to mix melee and ranged fighters easier, make AIs not shoot their melee buddies so much.

    Reduce accidental trap hits: allow actual usage of traps (they’re underpowered and never used by good players in A14) in more complex arrangements.

    In each case, strategic depth increases, which was the only goal.

    Adding a tutorial is just to reduce the amount of homework new players have to do, and that applies to the hardcore as much as casuals.

    I just want to kill this ‘dumbing down’ narrative before it starts because it really doesn’t come close to the reality. The game is more complex and should be deeper than it ever was before due to this update.

  22. Palec

    Great update, happy to see A15 moving so quickly.

    Just one small critical request – animals with master should respect zones. I see that change in FF is also aiming on not getting animals hurt, but if colony is using animals heavily, many pawns will have their animals and they will get shot in middle of fight. Manual unassign \ assign after combat is doable, but it is micromanagement. Rimworld has plenty of various animals, so this style of play should be encuraged.

  23. SpaceDorf

    Thanks Tynan,

    it feels so satisfying finding so many suggestions from the forum in your Changelog. Especially if they are my own.

    This made my Day.
    And of course the update announcement 🙂

  24. Ash

    Sounds really good. Looking forward to trying it when its on the stable branch. Great work with the game so far, very impressed with the quality and amount of updates you are putting out! Keep up the good work!

  25. Echo

    Last few updates have just incorporated mods. At least get creative in how you do it..

  26. Sirius

    Awesome idea with this new drug system !
    I was working on a mod going to be similiar like this but i hit the brick ín creating states like addiction and tolerance.

    Also a good change with the FF because i love it to build up my elefant, bear, big cats army 🙂

    Keep on the good work !

  27. Hilo


  28. BigSpeck1

    Is capacitives a rimworld only word or is that a spelling error in the notes when describing Cannabis mechanics?

    Perhaps the patch notes should be updated prior to 4:20pm to resolve this issue in the future? Kappa

  29. MeGrrrr

    OK, so you’re losing me fast. Drugs! There is quite lot of improving that can be done to this game (which I heavily invested in with way too many hours enjoyable play) but the inclusion of drugs, and specifically known current drugs, is going too far.

    I’m not being a prude but what is the point in making the taking of drugs part of a game. Surely it’s taking the game in places it shouldn’t being going. Not at all funny or fun (IMHO). At the very least give them some sci-fi names. Better still leave it for someone to make as a mod.

    Would have been nice at this stage to see some core game mechanics or feature additions. It looks like A14 is the end of the road for me.

  30. MeGrrrr, the point of adding drugs is the same as every other game system – to create dramatic situations.

    Tons of movies have drugs as a central plot point, because they create drama. The Fallout games also use drugs. They’re a common part of fiction in many media and genres.

    And RimWorld always had drugs, since alcohol has been part of the game since forever. Some of our drugs are also named differently from real life.

    It’s not intended to be ‘funny’, or even ‘fun’ per se, it’s intended to be dramatic.

    “it’s taking the game in places it shouldn’t being going.”

    What places? Why shouldn’t it be going there? Do you level the same criticisms at a show like Breaking Bad or a movie like Blow?

  31. GHXX

    @Seanbeag i created a mod for the technology level increase. Its called Tech Advancing

  32. SuLe

    “Friendly fire chances reduced by 60%”?, this is one hell of a dumb move.

    Who wanted this?, I haven’t seen anyone complain – Except a few casual players that just want it easier.

    Don’t FORCE Casual onto the general player base – Add a damage slider regarding the FF, or let people turn FF off completely. Why this wasn’t the idea to begin with is beyond me.

    Otherwise, I guess we’ll just have to rely on the modders (Like always)

  33. 123nick

    @SuLe, come on, give tynan a break. it allows for actually having melee and ranged fighters at the same time.

    i would like melee hunting. i mean, maybe have a popup in the upper corner, similar to when travellers pass by, telling you when someone with a melee weapon is going hunting. i mean, it would stop the deaths, like tynan said, of not watching pawns when they are told to hunt, but if u want it to happen, still allow it to happen without having to draft people.

  34. Loby

    These changes are awesome. Especially excited for deep drilling. Can’t wait to update.

  35. BloodyHell

    It’s good to see the developer being active in the comments and reacting to feedback, hats off to that.
    Sorry if the “dumbing down” part was misunderstood – what I witnessed after the Steam release is the game picking up on public interest, also by “big Twitch streamers” that intentionally ignored the interactive tutor that was already there just to cause a reaction by their audience and them then going verbal that there is no tutorial and the game being too hard for them.
    If I would not bring the new tutorial system in any kind of relation with that then chances are I’d just see it as helpful for everybody trying the game out, which is more likely the intent, so misunderstanding the addition of more tutorials is likely on me misinterpreting that, sorry.

    Regarding removing hunting without long range weapon – there is already the “hunter has no weapon” notification, if people ignore that, well, the result is hunters going after their assignments unarmed.
    What I’d like to see instead is “loadouts” being implemented and colonist inventories like the combat realism mod has, so colonists can be assigned weapons to carry (similar to the already existing clothing assignments) which they will pick up if they don’t currently have equipped, also allowing for knife + gun to be carried at the same time.
    That would be a better solution instead of the “hunting without weapon” removal and allow for more flexibility in combat. (e.g. carry knife, grenade, smg and switch between them in the inventory as the situation requires)

    Personal taste I guess.
    Either way, it’s opinions, we have ours, the developers have theirs and inbetween are modders to offer various alternatives.
    Thanks to the developer for the reply and the ongoing strong support for modding.

  36. RD

    Can we get the animal incest back sometime down the line, please? First of all it’s really unrealistic and most importantly, you can only breed one generation of chickens with one hen, for example

  37. Hey just wanted to say the next update sounds great: especially the tutorials? Not that I need them, but it gets awkward when I want to get my friends to play this game, but had to be like “but watch this 2 hour long video so you understand…”

  38. Joph

    Great update, keep up the great work!

  39. Marc


    Well pointed arguments you stated here. I’d also like to see RimWorld getting even more complex, rather than simplify some aspects, or reducing a chance of tragic happenings.

    It was strange when accidents during hunting were removed in Alpha 14 and now friendly fire will be reduced drastically. But if developer have some vision – then let him do that and we will see in which way RimWorld will evolve.

    Last lines of your comment is a must – I mean the possibility of equip/carry two kinds of weapon (melee and ranged), of course for a challenge balance – raiders would do the same.

  40. Madman666

    I am really liking what I see in the features so far! Thanks a bunch Tynan, this game is really awesome already and becoming even more so with each update. Gotta little questions though.

    The question is this – You can now produce medicine from herbal medicine, neutroamine (a precursor chemical you buy), and cloth.

    Whats the point in adding the ability to produce medicine (which you can buy) with the requirement of chemical, which you can only buy and not produce yourself? It still puts you in a position where everything related to getting your hands on some half decent medicine relies on right traders showing up in time(which might just not show up, potentially just screwing you over).

    Maybe some expensive way to produce that neutroamine stuff is in order, no? With some hard research and harsh growing conditions or something.

    P.S. Oh, and Devilstrand is a pain in the neck to grow and kinda cheap for all that trouble – needs a buff in cost, or in growing time.

  41. Madman666

    Oh and we really REALLY need – Restricted Areas Tool, rather then Allowed Areas… It really is a pain to drag it all over the map except for one area you dont want them to go through.

  42. Madman666 – just use the invert button on the allowed areas manager. It’s now a restricted area 😀

  43. VoidRaptor

    I’ve been waiting for the brewing function to expand, perhaps in the future a “brewing” station could actually be made from several workbenches, like a still, fermentation tank and refinery. The still could be a fire/explosive hazard. Though this might be a bit past the scope of rimworld.

    But what I really want is new forms of alcohol, vodka from potatoes, whiskey from corn, and wine from berries. Maybe even bio-fuel from corn or hay grass for fueled items when wood is sparse.

    The biggest change I want to see is for circuit switches to act like circuit breakers. For when conduits fail and release all the stored energy. A few extra resources to ensure smaller discharges and loss of power. Or fuses or anything really, I usually have so many batteries, that discharges destroy entire rooms.

  44. VoidRaptor

    And for crying out loud, can I get a dresser or wardrobe or cabinet or something to store mass amounts of cloths in. Why does 1 T-Shirt take up the same space as 75 stone blocks which can build a giant room? Let me stack cloths like raw resources or give me storage furniture, please.

  45. Madman666

    @Tynan – Oooh, thanks a bunch for pointing out inverting areas to a noob! I really appreciate it! I guess I still have not explored all the game’s features. Nothing warms the heart like a dev who finds some time to chat and answer some questions from his fans)

  46. David

    I was wondering, would adding cigarettes or smoking in general be considered a drug option? It’s not really a “YOU NEED IT” kinda thing, but I’d figure some people would be chronic smokers before the start or while on the Rimworld planet.

  47. Marc


    That’s exactly what I was thinking of recently – a possibility of stacking the same sort of clothing up to 10 at least (like meals), because up to 75 in one tile would be a bit silly. For players who like to run a clothing industry in their colonies that option would be a great release from a huge space requirements (when their industry is growing).

    Continuing clothing topic – disassembling them for a raw materials (retrieving) would be a cool thing, with a percentage of wasting the materials of course (similar to deconstructing buildings or smelting).

  48. Ragnarok

    I haven’t played A15 yet and will wait for the proper release to play, but thought I’d leave a comment or two.

    Firstly, great game Tynan. I haven’t enjoyed a game like this for a while.

    I like the inclusion of a drugs system, though I hope it gets tweaked. I hope they aren’t going to be a huge cash crop where you just grow and sell drugs and ignore every other source of income. Also, I hope there will in future alphas be a kind of chemical/herbal combination mechanism. VoidRaptor mentioned different types of alcohol, like vodka from potatoes or whiskey from corn. But I was hoping for more along the lines of combining alcohol with cotton/cloth to make a molotov cocktail, or combining other materials (be they herbal/chemical or otherwise) into new stuff. I can’t think of any other examples but hope you get what I mean. A system where you can combine stuff to make other/better stuff, maybe with several stages required to produce it.

    Also, small suggestion that has annoyed me throughout other alphas: We need a way to restack stockpiles. Plenty of times I’ve run out of room in my stockpiles because I have 10 stacks of wood/food/whatever with 5 wood/food/whatever in each stack which should be able to recombine into a single stack and free up space.

    Another small comment, I’d like a way to see what items degrade at what temperatures so I know where to store stuff. Food for example will deteriorate unless it’s below 0 degrees. Wood (or clothing) on the other hand deteriorates when cold, but keep it warm like stacking wood near a steam vent and it won’t degrade. An easy way to see what degrades at what temperatures (+ or -) would be handy, especially for newer players.

  49. Cody

    I have been playing this game for a few days and love it so far. Already played and lost a few colonies but enjoy the challenge very much.

    I would like to see a change to the hauling system. For example, I have a hospital/prison outside of my main cave-base. Currently all boomalopes have gone aggro (fun!) and I would like to risk one of my characters making a dash to the hospital to drop off a few food items for the prisoner. But because of how the hauling system is, I would have to create a dumping zone, tell them to haul it, and then edit the dumping zones again. Furthermore, what if I want to have an item hauled to one dumping zone when there are multiple that can hold the item? It seems that the pawn wants to keep taking it to the same one even though the other can hold it also.

    Thanks and keep up the good work 🙂

  50. Zubenelgenubi

    First update since i started playing, and i’m very impressed. Not just with design decisions in general, but at how you listen to the community and include the few suggestions which aren’t ridiculous or unrealistic. You really know what you’re doing and i can’t wait to see what the game ends up like.

  51. Hipumpus

    Hi Tynan. Been playing since alpha 6 kinda glad it wasn’t on steam yet or my hours played may be embarrassing.

    Quick suggestion on the melee hunting. Rather than removing the possibility altogether is it possible to require the player to specifically allow it instead. Like a yes no option for each colonist that is set to no by default.

    So instead of melee hunting being on by default it would be off and have to be turned on so it’s an active choice of the player and no one is going to be lost accidently. Seems like it would preserve player options and achieve the desired result of avoiding accidental deaths.

    Also kudos on the steam release success and all the great work you’ve done and doing on this great game. Glad about being able to use my bionic bear army much more without them being shot in the back too.

    @MeGrrrr we already have slavery, alcoholism, organ harvesting, cannibalism, pre marital sex, jelosy, assaults and beating up people with mental illnesses in the game so if your worried about the “morality” of the game that ship has probably already sailed.

    I wouldnt really promote any of those things in real life but in a game i thinks it’s different. In real life if I was worried I’d be more worried about people killing and eating their prisoners before I would worry about them using drugs but that might be just me.

  52. Skid

    As other have mentioned, maybe a general-purpose painkiller would be a good idea. Need something to deal with Fibrous Mechanites, general wounds, etc.

  53. Protokohl

    I am alos against removing the option for melee hunting, I think ranged should be default and manual hunting has to be turned on as suggested by others. Removing features is a terrible unless they’re terrible features. Removing the option for melee hunting is annoying as I enjoy my tribal hunting with spears and so forth.

  54. Marc


    I think MeGrrrr in his comment was more concerned about the impact of popular games on young minds, as they are most liable on such persuasion – rather than morality (as you said). We have already tons of violence in mainstream games also which an occasional drug usage, but not in depth (as indie games do). However Rimwolrd become extremely popular considering the fact that it is still an indie project; and in MeGrrrr’s opinion that negative impact on young people is huge, if you compare it with some other small indie games.

    And why drug subject is (or should be) a taboo in popular culture? Because drug usage is a problem in developed western countries. We don’t hear about organ harvesting and selling them, or slavery. Smoking weed, sniffing cocaine, or drug dealing is a thing that is so called: politically incorrect and it is a cause of depravity. So I’m not surprised that some Rimworld players got frowned when they’ve read details of upcoming update.

    In my opinion (if well balanced) – that update could be the most interesting one so far and – YES – it’s because of drugs and addiction.

  55. Protokohl

    Also another comment I don’t think ranged should be a flat 60% I think it should be based on the pawns skill, the higher their skill with guns the greater the chance of no friendly fire, the lower their skill with guns the higher the chance. So a lvl 12 trained shooter should be at less risk of hitting a teammate than a lvl 2 n00b pawn.

  56. Imperatrix

    “Mods can now be dragged to reorder them in the mods page.”

    From the bottom of my mod hoarding little heart I thank you ♥

  57. Fed

    Finally drugs!!
    Let’s smoke some weed ! For science reason of course xD

  58. Guido

    Many compliments for your wonderful game.
    It licterally keep me in front of the pc for hours and hours.
    In my opinion most strentgh of it is depth of play and realism.
    I would like to give you some ideas, some of my wish, to develop the game.

    – backpack –
    as probably you will add more and more stuff to the game, it would be useful to create backpack (leathers/devilstrand/cotton?), where to put 8-10 small items (food/meals/weapons/clothes/drugs).
    Backpack let heat wave/cold snap to be more dangerous. I think this phenomena should be more dangerours, it would be more realistic.
    With backpack you could decrease the normal “pocket” of a colonist.

    – wagon –
    If we extend the concept of backpack to raw materials, it would be very useful to create wagon and covered wagon. The hauling sistem in my opinion is a bit a poor system to carry raw materials here and there onto the map. Consider the saving of time: I load my wagon of raw materials, attach my muffalo/megatherium/cow and move the wagon to my yard work. It would be PERFECT. Naturally, with wagon and covered wagon trade become cool and more realistic. I see the opportunity to delete the ships bench, where order falling-from-sky items and simply add a pair of commercial centers onto the maps.

    – ward robe –
    a little wagon into the room. Or at least, let us stack up clothes as we already do with row materials
    Our colonies is a stretch of clothes! XD

    – more stuff: some proposal –
    Books: science books would boost research (no joy bonus) and narrative ones give joy.

    – Bathroom –
    I think bathroom would be a great opportunity to add goods and comfort needs.

    – Specific women risk –
    Insane idea: rape risk and the lighter sexual harassment for beauty/pretty/young women. What about introduce this delicate topic? Anti-raping weapons for women such as hot pepper spray, more specific risk for some colonist, more bad attitude for men.
    I think that if treated in the correct way, it would give great results.

    My best regards from Italy

  59. Kiwih

    Hey Tynan, I don’t know if you are going to read this, or if you gonna reply, but I’ll try anyway 🙂

    When it gets winter/the ground gets set on fire/when u populate a place (colony), grass disappear.
    This is very tragic, because it help getting animal into the “map”, and help feeding you’re own animals.

    I’ve tried to “cheat” and using the “spawn grass seed”, but its waaaaay to slow.

    So I Thought, with all those fantastic animals in the game..
    Why not implement bees? To help growth of trees, flowers and such? Then u can get honey and build beehives too ? Just a thought to the next patch 🙂

  60. VoidRaptor

    Edit the priorities of your stockpiles, they’ll drop off at the highest priority until it’s full then move to the next one.

  61. Windy

    What I really like about this update is the expansion of the alcohol production chain. I think it would be awesome to expand some other production mechanics in a similar way. For example: Ore to Ingots to final product.

    I also agree with the suggestion to differentiate types of alcohol. It seems like a logical extension of the Drugs concept, plus it opens the door for other things like producing biofuels for the fueled generator. Down the road it might also open up for colonist food preferences. Not that I want the micromanagement to be required, but a tiny mood buff for “Consumed favorite beverage” would be cool.

    Good job, Tynan! Keep up the great work.

  62. Andrea

    Oh, this will be fun, can’t wait for the update, I adore this game 🙂

    I have a few suggestions also;

    1. it would be really useful to put power usage/generation amounts in the item descriptions of the electrical stuff you build. You can’t see how much power stuff use/produce until you’ve actually built them. Granted, you learn it in time but I believe it would help new players a lot (so you don’t get a blackout after building that 1600W sun lamp, and then go like “oh dear, it uses that much?”).

    2. It would be great to add “Make nutrient paste meal” bill on the nutrient paste dispenser so you could create emergency stockpiles or feed animals with it, when you have a larger farm, feeding the animals is really an issue. It would add some usefulness to the NPD, I’ve noticed on the forums that a lot of players don’t even bother building it.


  63. Guido

    What does “infestation only under THICK ROOF” mean?
    I know very well infestation problem and it spreads very often. Do esiste different type of roof? THICK and thin?

  64. MrMacGee

    Mining platforms, great idea. Is it too much to hope that you are going to expand the game to have multiple levels. As in underground and higher-ground construction? That would add whole new depth to the game (rim-shot).

  65. Sangee

    No recommendations – just praise. Great job Tynan! Started the game at 14, played purely vanilla for over 250 hours.

    Keeping making your world and we’ll play in it!

  66. Mackinz

    Melee hunters can still be used, albeit with a little bit extra micromanagement.

    Draft melee-wielder > right click animal > melee attack > kill animal > undraft > haul

    It would be cool if we could get low tech ways to preserve food too. Salted meats would be awesome. Maybe salt mining too.

    Fishing in bodies of water would be cool too.

    Also, one more thing – a way to manipulate a colonists traits once the colony is started. Psychology based on Medical and Social to allow removal of, say, Pyromaniac after several sessions would be amazing.

  67. Pyjama Sam

    I started playing this game just a couple of weeks ago, and I absolutely love it! I haven’t been this much into a simulation game since… ever.

    I love the idea of a tutorial – that definitely would have helped me get into it more! All the other features listed there are exciting too.

    I think the main feature I’d really like to echo a need for is the ability to stack clothing or apparel items – having a separate square for each shirt and no dresser makes huge fields of clothing when you can easily stack 75 chunks of silver or steel into a single place. Otherwise, love the work and love the game!

  68. Michael

    I think crops need to be tended to. watered, weeded, loved.

    Were do the colonists go to the toilet ?

    What do the colonists drink ?

  69. Madman666

    – If every crop needed that much attention this would be agriculture simulation game, not a colony manager.
    – Probably right in their pants, when they see a mechanoid raid landing right in the middle of their town.
    – Colonists drink BEER!:)

  70. Michael

    Rimworld is a survival simulator, a part of surviving includes goign to the toilet.

    with a15 there is alot more work involved in crafting beer, why not add more work to growing crops. It wont make it a agriculture simulator just because you need to assign a pawn to do his/her duties tending to crops.

    these are ideas for Tynan to make the game even more indepth but thanks for your input on my ideas

  71. Cory

    Hi Tynan, thanks for this great game!

    The new additions look like they’ll even more depth!

    Reading the comments here, it looks like everyone is giving out ideas, so I figure I might as well give it a go too.

    1. With regards to the brewing thing, can you make it require hops AND wheat to make? Kinda like the way fine meals work right now with veg and meat.

    2. Fishing.

    3. Maybe some kind of psychologist mechanic? A pawn with high social should be able to have a chance at talking colonists out of breaks, resolve fights, mitigate character problems like pyromaniac/abrasive. Seems pretty powerful, but could be offset by requiring “sessions” every few days eating up the time of the patients and “psychologist”.

    Again, thanks for this great game! I look forward to trying out the new features and seeing what you add in the future.

  72. Kaytik

    Hey Tynan, my thanks as well for the great game. I can’t wait to use those drugs to make super humans (sort of). Great work, and keep it up!

    I’d also like to request that a quick save hotkey be added, just to make it faster to save games. Just a minor thing. No big deal if its not put in. Thanks again for the great game!

  73. EldVarg

    So fun game.
    Here is some bugs and changes I would like to see in the game to make it even better. I hope the list is not too long. I only want to help out. Some of there might already been fixed. If so – sorry for repeating.

    * Sometimes when having hunger, it is not removed after they eat (a small delay) and they want to eat again even though full food bar.
    * If you move a pot, another one could still grow a plant on the old space.
    * Sound when trading should use the music volume.
    * Should not trigger change of storyteller if you just look at them and change back (while paused).
    * Fertilized eggs should not hatchet when frozen.

    * Should pick up more of same item if they walk by when hauling and have space left.
    * Try to avoid waking people up (lower prio to do things in same room).
    * Clean in a smarter more efficient way – try to not walk back and forth so much.
    * Be able to move food like packaged survival meal without eating them (that you allowed to be tuched just to be able to move them).
    * Use faster roads more – now they tend to move diagonal back and forth, which should be slower).
    * Better path-finding, when calculating nearest way to get to something, include the real distance, not just the straight line (can differ much).
    * Prioritize moving larger stacks over smaller.
    * Should not build walls in a way that other walls can’t be built.
    * Prioritize hauling items with fast degradation (outside).
    * If you have to travel far, try to do more work at the same time before moving back.

    Less micromanagement:
    * Replace walls command (without first having to remove them).
    * Right click on fast speed icon to change to slow automatically when first person wake up.
    * When getting weapon from rack, put back the old weapon in the rack if it fit the settings.
    * Be able to set percent of each item type in a stockpile.
    * When selling, take things from low priority stockpiles first.

    * Dismiss person – if a person is not good enough for your needs (you can’t kill it if it can’t fight, without surgery).
    * Only round down total sum when trading, not per type. See silver decimals on all items.
    * You should not be able to see much information on enemies far far away (outside field of view).
    * Be able to turn of power to autodoors.
    * Get happy bonus when extinguishing fire.
    * Get sad bonus when near wild fire.
    * Morning/evening person trait – prefer to wake up early/late.
    * Show shooting range when drafted (like you do on turrets).
    * Be able to change color of zones.
    * Be able to turn on turrets when drafted.
    * Train some smart animals to flick switches.
    * Be able to set owned animals to flee by danger.
    * Wounds should take longer time to heal (after treated).
    * Be able to set up 3 day schedule – including a more precise work schedule (eg clean every third morning).
    * Some steam geysers should be in water.
    * Should see space outline when selecting wind turbine, billiards table, horsehoepin (as you do when you create it).
    * Small chance for chunks to contain some resource (when you cut them).
    * Also have larger trees.
    * Replace item action – like lamp (instead of first uninstall action, wait for uninstall then install new one).
    * Should not get messages about finding 1 space empty room (common appearance).
    * Lights should be able to break down.
    * High and low cleaning priority.
    * Beds should need cloth.
    * If you walk much on grown things they should be damaged.

    * Pause rain/wind/similar sound effects when pausing game.
    * Raining should muddy up some tiles (especially on trails) that slows down movement.
    * Raining should create puddles.
    * Should not spread spores while it’s raining.
    * Snow cleaning should be low priority while it’s snowing (except maybe on solar panels).

    * Warn if some item type have no stockpile place left.
    * Create/save different types of stockpiles.

    Improved Torch:
    * Turn on/off torch manually.
    * Turn on/off torch automatically (when entering/exiting room).

    New items:
    * Backpack to carry more hauling.
    * Conveyor belt – increase walking speed (if moving the right direction).
    * Be able to dig holes for defense.
    * Double door.

    * Some animals should flee when you get near or hear loud sounds.
    * Animals should wake up by fire, if you get near and by sound.
    * Different animal races should not sleep near each other (especially predators near non-predators).
    * Some animals should sleep at day and be up at night (eg hunting).
    * Some animals should sleep less.

    * Minigun should be spelled with capital M.
    * Better eat animation – now looks like you puke or something bad.
    * Water should have some waves, especially if it’s windy.
    * Saplings icon for new trees.

    * Total days played.
    * Amount of home tiles (with/without roof).
    * Electricity used.
    * Total items made.
    * Tiles digged.
    * Tiles built.

  74. MolbOrg

    hunting is only way to train melee in noncombat situation
    shooting could be improved with improvised shoot range, melee is not(as far as i know)

    Would slaughter of animals on farm add some melee points, would be nice, specially when it makes more sense to have melee now in defense.

    I have farm like 100ish animals(chicken, foxes, muffalos, warg’s, other birds) – and it looks like it affected natural occurrence of animals in the wild, to 0 occurrence(not sure if my farm is the cause), I have enough of space and grass around the base – so I do not know.

    Vote up that not only allow areas but also, forbid areas.
    Or something to solve situation, to forbid particular pawns to work in particular areas(actually on particular production stands), or having all haulers at home piking tiny packs of stuff. Work at home will never end, but some should work in fields outside, there is lot of work to do.

    Something to prioritize and deprioritize work by area, not only by type of work. Maybe defining areas for each individually and have set of such preset of areas.

    Also same for animals – as they have same area where they live, but they have different food stockpiles, as wargs eat only meat and corpses, they are main corpses consumers, so I would like to forbid foxes and wolves from eating them as far as they have other food sources available, but I run out of animal zones.
    But with forbid zones I would have 25 combinations to play with.

    Eggs not hatching when frozen would be nice – upvote it too. EldVarg have lot of good suggestions, not all but a lot.

    Too much bonds to animals, as my opinion, hm probably I should try to use sociopaths to train them.

    upvote psychologist, would be fun to watch them having relaxation conversation in medbed.

  75. thommc18

    What I really want to know now is when we can customize our colonists. It is incredibly frustrating with randomizing for stats and the like and impossible to get the perfect appearance that you want. I love this game, and it’s going in cool directions. But this part really turns me off, and the fact that the Prepare Carefully mod is done updating makes me want to stop playing. For now, I’m going to keep going, but this one thing would make the game WAY better. And I think I speak for the majority of the community when I say that.