Electricity and screenshots

Posted July 30th, 2013 by Tynan Sylvester

First, some new screenshots from a game I played last night. Raiders attack:


The fight’s aftermath, with raiders buried.


The base:

Shot3Shot2And a pseudo-3D shot of what the game looks like in the editor, just for fun.

I’ve been working on the electrical system recently. Now, various machines including doors, air generators, gun turrets, lights, and food dispensers require power to work. You can generate power via ┬ácouple means including solar panels and geothermal plants. But each generation system has downsides – solar panels are large and don’t work at night (requiring power storage), and geothermal requires you to have a plant on top of a geothermal vent, which may be far from your main colony and tough to defend.

Without power, machines don’t work. Lights turn off, doors must be opened and closed manually (which is slow) and food doesn’t dispense.


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