Alpha 2 – Cannibal Modders released

Posted February 26th, 2014 by Tynan Sylvester

Alpha 2 is out! This time we’ve added tons of modding support, butchery and cooking (including cannibalism with attendant psychological effects), an ambience sound suite from Alistair, and a pile of other goodies including various oft-requested features.

Here’s the video with the info:

The changelog has a full accounting of changes (read between builds 334 and 363).

Anyone having trouble with their download – please see this forum thread.



34 Responses to “Alpha 2 – Cannibal Modders released”

  1. RedStorm58


  2. Nekyz

    WTF, we ask for a little thing, we got goddamn things §§§§

  3. Dr. Z

    Well here I am checking my E-Mails not expecting anything and then I read something about updated version and see this amazing video which simply made my day and I can’t wait to play the game with all the new content but I’m already sure it’s fantastic so thank you.

  4. Pat

    How do you download the update?

  5. Everyone who owns the game will have gotten an update email from [email protected]. You can also use the link from your last email if you still have that.

  6. CHan

    I was wondering where can I get an update on the ALPHA 2? Thanks

  7. You should have it in your email (if you bought the game). Check for mail from [email protected]

  8. bill

    I must have accidently deleted the email.please send me another email thks.

  9. Anyone having trouble with their download – please email me at [email protected]

  10. Filip

    Wooo, roofs. I cannot say how many times I’ve wanted this update. And yay, meat. Tasy delicious meat. omnomnom.

  11. George

    When is it out on Steam? Because can not wait to get it on there, instead of going into emails to download it.

    Yes, i am LAZY!

  12. CHan

    Can someone please send the ALPHA2 update to my email. I can’t find it. I must have deleted it. I search everywhere. Please resend to my email. Thank You in advance

  13. JackIrish

    this is amazing tynan I want to be able to make games like u when I’m older:):):):):):):):):)::):):):):):):):):):)

  14. Zollec

    Man you should realy change how explosions works. Maybe you are planing that, but right now its realy overpowered. One grenade can destroy 3 block thick metal wall… And I had a 7 turrets 3 block away from each other, and the destruction of the first made a chainexplosion, in which I lost all my turrets. But I still love this game :3

  15. Midgetman

    Im with George Tynan, can you give us a release date for steam? Me and my two other friends just cannot wait to play it and they believe that its better if we get it on steam instead of downloads by email. I know you have a lot of developments on your plate at the moment, but I hope you respond.

  16. Midgetman – I’m not sure about the Steam release date. I want to make sure the game is good and ready. You guys know that if you buy it now you’ll get a Steam key later? There’s not much reason to wait.

    light487 – Yes, it resets each time.

    Zollec – I don’t know, seven chain-reacting explosions sounds pretty awesome to me 😀

  17. Ashver

    I’d like to quickly mention two things. One, my downloads have not been resetting with updates for some reason and I am down to 4.

    Two, I have a cook with burning passion and 6 skill making simple meals and her skill is not going up. Her Exp has been remaining the exact same after cooking 15 or 16 meals at a time. I have had cook probably 45 or so meals in total now. I don’t see how to get the 7 skill needed to cook the next meal if simple meals don’t raise skill to 7. Is this intended?

  18. Dudemeister

    Right now, cooking and stonecutting do not raise their respective skills. Butchering however does, and the larger the creature being butchered the quicker it goes. Finally something to do with all those raider corpses besides a big-ass pyre!

  19. Ashver

    Ah I wasn’t aware, thanks.

  20. Kyle


    I’ve got a couple questions compiled from some friends and I about RimWorld that we haven’t seen anywhere on the site.

    Is there any intention to Z axis to the game?

    Will there be any form of multiplier? If so is it possible that one character might actually be the “story teller” while the other plays the game?

    Is there any plan to expand the world that you are crash landed on (kind of like how Dwarf Fortress’s world is generated)?

    Thank you for your time,

  21. Daniel

    Congratulations on your 28th revolution around the sun 🙂

  22. Marshall

    It would be nice if one could pick your backstories and or traits rather than be forced to randomize everything, i have also noticed that some skills degrade over time. is this intended?

  23. It looks great, I can’t wait!!!

  24. Necronomocoins

    I love where this game is headed. I want to see “Starship Architect” and “Eclipse Colony v141” incorporated into the game, namely the oxygen and F.O.V from E.C v141 and the ability to “move on” to new planets from S.A. Maybe we could design and build a starship on the ground @ the colony then fly it, off to new planets to colonise, or maybe some precolonised “built up” and/or resourceless planets too.

  25. Mrdoom434

    Anybody know the plan for how often he plans on releasing updatas

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  27. Great game. Happy to help support such an awesome indie title… Very good game mechanics, can’t wait to see it develop 🙂

  28. Jax

    I just read the whole change log and I cannot wait to see these things implemented also I mentioned this earlier but would you be able to implement armor that would either raise max health or reduce damage recieved.

  29. Anyone having download troubles should see the forum thread mentioned in the original post. Thanks.

  30. Jose

    Hey Tynan does the next release has a date ?

  31. Some time in April. Hopefully soon!

  32. Nova

    The changelog says something about “Hopefully-final bugfixes”, so, will there be a release soon or are you not able to say that?

    Is it possible to get the “internal build” or are they only for you / a close group?

  33. If you want to help test please send a PM to Semmy on the forums!

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