Alpha 5 balance hotfix

Posted July 6th, 2014 by Tynan Sylvester

You all knew a hotfix was coming! It’s like a tradition now!

The good thing is that this isn’t a bug hotfix, but a balance one. I’d been hearing a lot of reports that the global psychic drone event – causing -25 to mood – was harming play. So until I can rebalance it, it’s disabled in Alpha5b. The crashed ship part event seen in the release video is still present.

To update, you just have to change one number in one file:

Open Notepad or some other text editor.

With Notepad, open [YourRimWorldFolder]/Mods/Core/Defs/IncidentDefs/BaseIncidents.xml, and find this text:


Set <chance>1.2</chance> to <chance>0</chance>.

Or, you can re-download the game from your old link.

I’ll be reworking this event in future versions.

17 Responses to “Alpha 5 balance hotfix”

  1. damian

    it doesn’t allow me to change it and it opens in internet explor

  2. Sorry, you have to use a text editor like Notepad. I’ve clarified the original post.

  3. Gabe

    Aww, I liked the extra unpredictable difficulty, but I guess im not everyone

  4. nate

    Does terminal work if i’m on a mac?

  5. nate

    Ignore my previous comment, i was able to do it with text edit.

  6. Jordan

    To clarify, 5c (on mac at least) it’s been fixed? Because it’s not set to “0”.

  7. I derped. 5b fixes one bug, 5c unfixes the first and fixes a second. I’m uploading 5d which fixes both.

  8. Cactus

    Clothes don’t work for me for some reason. When i put them on my colonists they’re just naked and occlude every other object in game

  9. Paulo

    Please focus more on the survival aspects of the game, now it seems it is going into a combat game rather than the sci fi colony advertised.

  10. Juho

    Exactly what Paulo said, in the endgame the enemy raids are way too large in size. 50 armed colonists, 120 turrets and mazing is not enough. The colonization turned into a tower defense game.

    The -25 to mood wasn’t that bad in my opinion.
    I avoided low happiness with fine meals and by preventing people from wandering and mining in the dark.

    Just my 2 cents.

  11. Akian Ménard

    the alpha 5c and 0.5.496 is the same ????

  12. 1999even

    how do i open text editor?

  13. rob

    I actually started playing this from alpha 4 and i started to be able to survive, but now it feels like the diffeculty went too high as at some point i couldn’t make progress becouse i constently got attacked by either large groups or morters wich made large gaps in my still building defence/base and so didn’t allow me to build, also the mechanoids are too OP as there accuracy is too good and one of them has too much health and there weapons are also too OP as beginners can’t defend themselfs well they automaticly loose, also i find that a new turret should be made (like for example medium/heavy turrets and sniper turrets)as the improvesed one just seems a little weak against the mechanoids or large groups, scrytchers(if pronounced correctly) can snipe them down without getting shot becouse the range of the turrets are not good enough and that just seems unfair, also i find the colonists whine alot, for example about the nutrition paste wich i don’t understand, it gives -8 to there hapiness and so i don’t even want to build them anymore as it taked up space and metal and for what?
    For ppl that know how to play and deal with such things it’s fun, but for new ppl like me it’s a hell, can’t the sieges and mechanoids be in a new storyteller so the new ppl don’t have to deal with that yet? Becouse i can’t even survive long enough to actually build something to defend myself with becouse massive raiding parties,morters or mechanoids destroy it already before i can even complete it, i also never actually builded a morter outside the peacefull storyteller, and when i am done rechearching something to help my colony to survive i get either get all my ppl killed by pirates or raiding parties combined with solar flares or big mechanoid units.

  14. Faroszek

    I think if you’re new player choose phoebe friendly and learn how 2 play and how to def your colony quickly, and properly.


    In the future, will it be able to attack other colonies?
    Loading screen + another map, another colony. It will be cool imo.

    And, when you start new game after fail, it wolud be great if plr can choose same map he failed on and he will find the ruined parts of his old colony and some bones of dead people…OP!

    Best regards and give us another update! 🙂

  15. Benjamin

    Is it possible to disable the siege thing too? That’s really annoying – I don’t spend hours building just to watch it all get destroyed.

  16. rickrick

    Thanks for actually relating the method. I had to do this with alpha 6 as the psychic drone was hideous.

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