Alpha 7 – Things Made of Stuff released

Posted October 1st, 2014 by Tynan Sylvester

Alpha 7 is out! This time we’ve added artificial limbs and prosthetics, jungle biome, new trade system, organ harvesting and trading, and a whole ‘stuff and stats’ system where certain things can be made of other things.

If you own the game, you should get an update email from us. You can also get Alpha 7 by re-downloading from the link you used before (it is a permanent link and always has the newest version). Anyone still having trouble should start at this thread.

Also note that this build will not load old savegames, so keep your old install separate if you want to finish an Alpha 6 colony.

Change summary:

  • Stuff system allows you to build walls, furniture, and other structures out of arbitrary materials.
  • New stats system for calculating and reporting thing stats from skill, race, stuff, and other factors.
  • There are now multiple types of stone: sandstone, granite, marble, slate, and limestone.
  • There are now multiple mineable minerals: metal, silver, gold, plasteel.
  • Leather harvesting from animals, and cloth harvesting from cotton crops. Special space-tech cloth types.
  • Make clothing from arbitrary fabrics or leathers.
  • Reworked damage deflection chance per-damagetype armor system. Some animals and mechanoids have natural armor.
  • New biome: tropical rainforest. A choking, disease-infested jungle. Disease rates are linked to biomes.
  • Prosthetic limbs, from simple to complex: peg legs, wood dentures, simple prosthetics, enhanced bionic limbs and eyes.
  • Organ harvesting and transplanting.
  • Diseases: flu, plague, malaria, sleeping sickness.
  • Chronic conditions (age-related): Cataracts, bad back
  • A bunch of new traits. Brawler, prosthophile, and more
  • New trade system and interface.
  • Traders carry and buy any item, including prosthetics, neurotrainers, organs, slaves, weapons, apparel, commodities.
  • Neutrotrainers: Matrix-style instant training devices.
  • Lockable doors
  • Melee weapons: Club, knife, spear, shiv, short sword
  • New animals: cobra, monkey, camel, tortoise, boar, rhino.
  • Storyteller redesigned and rebalanced.
  • Visitors carry their own food and hopefully won’t raid your food supplies.
  • Translations can be set to avoid using tiny text (useful for Asian languages where tiny characters are unreadable).
  • Rewritten credits system integrates translator credits from each translation automatically.
  • Piles of other additions, fixes, and tunings.

46 Responses to “Alpha 7 – Things Made of Stuff released”

  1. Mathias

    Ahhh hate when sendown won’t reload. I wanna play alpha 7 now!

  2. You can use your old link, it points at Alpha 7 now. But yeah, emails take a few hours to go out.

  3. Romi

    Awesome 😀

  4. Spyke

    I haven’t checked in on the game for a few versions now, but has a “peaceful” mode ever been added?

    My wife loves the game, but would love to be able to just play it ad infinitum, without worrying about the random/continual assaults on her well crafted base. =)

  5. Spyke – Yes, you can play with Phoebe Basebuilder, Casual challenge scale. You will get only occasional token threats.

  6. Hey guys,

    Your game is awesome! I came across your alpha 7 update and it grabbed my attention in seconds. You got something great here and i think i can help you gain a lot more traction. My name is Leo and i run the biggest eSports Dota 2 minor league in North America called Tactic Hive League. Currently Tactic Hive and our partners have a market reach of over 500,000 on Facebook and over 200,000 on There is a lot of overlap between our customer segments and Tactic Hive can really push RIM world to the next level. If you guys are interested to talk, please email me at [email protected].



  7. Thanks. I had a lot of fun with Alpha 6 and im sure, i will at least have the same fun with Alpha 7.

  8. Zenke

    I get to play D&D and this today, best day ever!

  9. Yet another great update…although as I watched the video I started to feel a little overwhelmed. Anyone else get that sense?
    Are there almost TOO many features in the game now? Seems like all these crazy interlocking systems will be tougher and tougher to manage. I wonder if I’ll end up missing the simpler, more focused early alphas…

  10. Carlo – We’re trying to design it so that when you actually play the game, the details and complexity build up gradually instead of hitting you all at once.

  11. Awesome! Was just wondering when an update will be released.

  12. Organ harvesting?! Sick and AWESOME 🙂

  13. Lambert2191

    Awesome job with this. However, I did not recieve an email about it, and the link to download it hasn’t been updated. My email I used to write this comment is the same as the one I recieved the initial download link to.

  14. ciditi

    uhhhhhh why am I at work…

    This update looks great, thanks for continuing to flesh out existing functionality and add new. Can’t wait to start playing and be able to bring back those colonists that are incapped to beds because of a missing leg. Yeah, the ones that are level 20 cooking but now can’t do anything because a boom rat went insane.. 🙂

    A little sad to see that visitors are now bringing their own food, I was getting used to them starving to death and looting their bodies. I suppose the lockable doors will allow me to lure them in and confine them now though so it’s all good. >:D

    Thanks for your continuing dedication to this game. Awesome work!

  15. Daryl Lawton

    I also haven’t had my download page updated.

  16. Wouter

    Looks great; thanks for the hard work and continuous development guys and can’t wait to go test it!

    (the update videos are also a nice; quick overview of changes for the lazy and it’s nice to get to know the developer a bit in this way)

  17. SaKenyi

    This might be the first time a game developer told me “we added new types of stone” and I was genuinely happy about it. I’m so glad you guys keep delivering amazing updates and content and keep making this game better and better. Keep it up, Ludeon.

  18. Dr. Z

    I laught so har on that operation. Chop chop, new leg. Chop chop, just put that eye in the hohle. Chop chop, kidney cut out, jeah it’s no big deal.

    I love those game mechanics where you can make everything out of everything and the players come up with tonns of ridiculous stuff. Really loving this new update and will be playing soon.

  19. Well in fairness you can’t make _anything_ out of _anything_. It’s restricted to things that make some sense. So sorry, but not kidney walls or flesh spears :p

  20. Bren

    Sweet new content for me to play around with! Really stoked about the new crops and animals. Thank you so much for the hard work and continuous updates to the game, I truly am impressed by your dedication.

  21. Credit where it’s due – Piotr ‘ison’ Walczak and Ben ‘kiwibonga’ Grob both had roles in making this version work (Piotr is the medicine/disease guy and Ben did some traits and other misc tasks). Check the studio page, I’m not alone here!

  22. Phoebe

    I’ve downloaded it and loaded it like I did with Alpha 6 but it when it opens, it just displays a black screen, the custom mouse, and the soundtrack music. After multiple reinstallations and a computer restart, it still won’t work.

  23. Tynan, great work! I was dying of expectation on this update and it’s really amazing.

    I’m a big fan of Dwarf Fortress and I know you have it as an inspiration yourself to create Rim World. This game looks like a promise of nice graphics and really intuitive interface that kind of complex gameplay – please keep adding deep and more ways to tell stories to the game!

    I wanted to ask you, do you have plans to add z-level? what about seasons?

  24. James

    Same as Phoebe. On macbook pro with previous versions installed and never had a problem. Alpha 7 gives me a black screen with custom mouse and the soundtrack playing. I’ll have to wait until I’m back home with my desktop. 🙁

  25. Jon Gilmour

    Is it just me, or can I no longer build wooden walls?

  26. Heklin


    Im also on a mac book pro and just get a black screen.. 🙁

    very hard to get out of the game once it is started. Doesn’t seem to respond to swipes on the track pad,, strangely, version 6 did ONCE you had started the wiki… ??

    Looking forward to playing the next mod

  27. Pirrian

    I’m actually Kinda Sad that I can’t Make Flesh Spears… Though I completely Understand why, It was an amusing Quirk in games Like Elona. Cutting People in Half with Meat Claymores was the Best.

  28. billycop32

    @jon gilmour you still can, but you need to have at least 1 wood in your inv. to place down blueprints. same for all materials.

    @Tynan Sylvester i LOVE the update, all i ask is that you work on a way to make medicine- my people are burning through medicine now and i can’t keep enough in stock!

  29. Munk

    good job, I mean organ harvesting?! its disgusting and I love it!

    keep up the good work, loving the additional features.

  30. Dunc

    Also on a mac (iMac) getting the same black screen. I hear the music and can tell when im moving the mouse over menu buttons by the clicking sound but cant see anything.

  31. Benjamin

    Supernice, horny about playing more and discovering the new version, instead of typing this message.

  32. keylocke

    nyahaha! alpha 6 and alpha 7 was so awesome! am totally stoked for what comes next for alpha 8!

  33. Okay. There seems to be a bug with the Mac version. I’m working on it.

  34. Penthesilea180

    Great update. Glad the trading system got some attention. Can we talk to and trade with non – hostile visitors to our colony?

  35. masstop99

    how do you update to this version send me an email at [email protected] if you can help me

  36. Timo

    Another ingenious update! I love the idea of implementing “cyberpunk elements”! I wish I had more time to play! It’s already the best game I bought in the last 15 years, though it’s alpha! 😀
    Enough exclamation marks now! 😉

    But be warned: Maybe you should start considering about different cultural idiosyncrasies, referring to the perception of violence in video games. (In the following I’m only referring to Germany.) Though I really like the idea of “organ harvesting and trading” I’m starting to get worried that this might get you into trouble (at least in Germany).

    On the one hand, the USK (the “German version of ESBR”) is not very careful when it comes to certifying comic style games. E.g. “Edna & Harvey: The Breakout” didn’t get any age restriction, although the game is really not suitable for children and has a really harsh scene, where Harvey is hallucinating that a child is cut into pieces with a disk saw. The developer and publisher “Daedalic” itself feels very uncomfortable with the USK rating.

    On the other hand, the BPjM (Federal Review Board for Media Harmful to Minors) is quite rigorous, when it comes to violence in video games. While films and music is seen as “art”, video games are seen as “toys”. An indexing in the “list of harmful media” would result in a prohibition of advertising (no sales on German Steam clients and so on). E.g. the above mentioned harsh scene in “Edna & Harvey: The Breakout” was only OK, because it was presented as a hallucination and a “bad thing to do”. But IMHO it could still get banned, if someone would feel offended and make an official request at the BPjM.

    I see the possibility that in RimWorld the “organ harvesting and trading” can be interpreted as “an act of violence to pure enjoyment without any moral statement”. Remember: Games are seen as “toys”. Cannibalism might also be problematic, but I guess it’s OK, because you actually get punished by the game mechanics for doing cannibalism.

    The BPjM has presented some really strange decisions in the past, which often seemed purely random…
    Although not a good example you may look at the “Left 4 Dead” series:
    -> Killing people? OK!
    -> Blood spilling over your display? CENSORED!
    -> Seeing people die? OK!
    -> Seeing dead bodies lying around? CENSORED! (They vanish after a short while)
    -> Burning people? OK!
    -> Seeing burning people move around? CENSORED! (They die by fire, but they are not actually visibly burning)

    Another (bad) example of seemingly random censoreship is the “Dead Space” series: Part one is available on Steam, while part two is banned and can only be registered through CD key in Steam.

    Most of these examples do not apply to RimWorld, since it’s “comic style” and not “realistic style”, but I just wanted to point out, that the censorship rules are not very easy to understand and far away from being intuitive. The BPjM itself says that they are very unhappy with the complete outdated laws, but politics don’t dare to adjust laws due to fearing of negative public perception.

    To compare the stereotypical American and German censorship you can use “Skyrim” as an example: In America the Amazons wear Bras, while in Germany they can’t be beheaded.

    Maybe my worries are unnecessary, but I highly recommend to do a little research, at least before releasing RimWorld Beta on Steam. (No, I don’t expect that to happen very soon! 😉
    I hope you won’t get any censorship trouble! This could really harm the gaming experience! German gamers are really often separated from the international gaming community by censorship… 🙁

    BPjM (Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien):

    USK (Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle):

    love and peace,

  37. Hayden

    I lost my link how do I get it back

  38. Carl

    i didn’t get an update email can you email me at
    [email protected]

  39. corey

    I just started a new colony and i have wood in my stockpile but still cannot build wooden walls with it. what am i doing wrong. this seems odd.

  40. James

    This version is amazing! I don’t have a forum account or know how many times this has been suggested already but how about a scoring system after there are no more colonists left on the map? Something like market value of all escaped colonists x difficulty multiplier = score? It’d be nice to have something to aim for besides just beating a level.

  41. Kaiser

    There should be a way to prioritize what the doctors use medicine for. things like “treat severe injuries only” “treat severe infections only” “treat severe and moderate injuries” and “treat all injuries” so that it’s easier to conserve medicine. there should also be a way to tell which injury the doctor is healing.

  42. Enjoyment

    Great job, Tynan (as always)! Really nice update. Have some thoughts, I want to share:
    1. Muffalos started to die from starvation, when they ate all the grass around them, and dont want to walk 10-20 squares to nearest delicious plants. I saw a whole feild, covered with their shiny bones. Called it Death Valley and showed it to most optimistic colonists (they shouldn’t be so happy at such harsh conditions).
    – Maybe you could increse range of food-search for those poor stupid animals?
    2.1. Cloth crafting is great feature, but sorting of materials make me cry, when i want to make exact pants or something else.
    – The X/V for all materials funtction would be great.
    2.2. I understand, why I can’t craft power-armor or cevlar helmets (on current version), but other cloth? Cloaks, jackets?
    – Obviously, clothcrafting is at “first look” stage and will progress, so no requests. Just wait)
    3. Trading system – main change for me. Now I can sell everything I want, and this is great. But I need to wait for traders ship. (And slave traders stop visit me, when my colony population is near “max critical”).
    – Maybe you could add some traders to the factions?.. Some tribes sell/buy people, other – AG-cultures. Towns, maybe, – industrial or weapons.

    Sorry for my impatience, and thx again for cool game.

  43. Seth

    i purchased the game a long time ago (build .254 and cannot find my link is there a way to get it back?

  44. Redshade

    Wow… all my colonists were in medical beds in an hour after starting the game… How? malaria ._.

  45. jack17432

    can not update to the new vershon i brot the game in alfa 4

  46. Teddy

    Your game ‘s cool , it’s a game that captures your attention and deserves to go far .For me wish you luck and keep updated game !