Alpha7b and Alpha7c – Balance hotfixes (updated)

Posted October 3rd, 2014 by Tynan Sylvester

UPDATE: Alpha7b had a typo that made plague 10x too common in temperate biomes.

You can fix your game by re-downloading and reinstalling it, or by replacing Mods/Core/Defs/BiomeDefs/BiomesBase.xml with this corrected version of the file.


I’m uploading a silent non-essential hotfixed version of Alpha7.

Alpha7b has reduced disease frequency, so diseases will appear less often.

To update, you can re-download from your old link.

Alternatively, you can just go into your game folder and look in Mods/Core/Defs/BiomeDefs/BiomesBase.xml, search for every instance of <chancePerDay>, and cut all the values in half. There are about 12 entries.

28 Responses to “Alpha7b and Alpha7c – Balance hotfixes (updated)”

  1. Jon

    How do i update this game i have no idea what to do i am so lost i dont know where the new download is or whatever please please help

  2. Sorry. You can download from your old link.

  3. ascdren

    yea, I think this was really needed, I tend to burn through my medicine in a month as all my colonists end up with the plague

  4. Galaxy

    So i noticed that there is a “Race” tab in the character menu

    does this mean we will be getting non human races? what kind of races can we expect?

  5. Beetlecat

    *Thank you* for this!

    I was home sick for a couple days when you released A7, and I thought for sure my colonists were getting sick from me. 🙂

  6. angeletti jeanjo

    Have you ever send the alpha 7-mail I’m too impatient thank you

  7. 2 questions:

    -Will it be possible to designate forbidden areas where you don’t want your colonists to go, for instance during an attack, the standard is just to turn off the odd jobs halfway across the map, but that’s a lot more overhead every time than just painting a zone “don’t go there” and then removing that designation.

    -Has Tarn Adams asked for his cut yet? 😀

    Seriously though, great work.

  8. Will it affect the saves we already have if some of colonist are already ill?

  9. Angel: The mails are sent.

    Noob: I’m looking at ways of handling these problems.

    Feniks: No.

  10. RoadCrewWorker

    I have a question, apparently the personal download link at sendowl has a 5 download limit on it – which is fine to prevent public sharing – but it looks like it didn’t reset after the fix came out – so the alpha7 download took it from 5 to 4 and now the alpha7b “redownload” took it from 4 to 3?

    Seems odd to rely on an inherently finite system as a static “get it after every update/patch” repository. Is it a timed quota that resets regularly (presumably more often than updates/hotfixes are released)?

  11. Road: We can reset it, but only if we also send out the update emails. It’ll reset with A8.

  12. Rune

    Can it really be true that Plague has a 0.06 daily occurrence rate in temperate biomes? That seems an awful lot compared to the other diseases, so I have set to 0.003.

  13. Rune – Aw crap. You’re right. I need to re-hotfix it. Ugh!

  14. David

    XD that’s hilarious “10x more common”

  15. Hayden

    I lost my link how do I get it back

  16. Mathias kiær

    When will Rimworld come on steam?

  17. Mathias kiær

    And btw. I think you are the only game designer who actually answer like 90% of all questions!

    And still have time to work on the game.

  18. Hayden – email me [email protected]

    Mathias – Thanks 🙂

  19. Dr. Z

    What version number is 7c? For the manual updaters.

  20. Jenner

    Hi Tynan, just a heads up- looks like the Ludeon forum is a little bit messed up. All guests are banned, but they’re also banned from registering too!

  21. Dakota

    is there a way to get that email again? i accidentally deleted it
    please help. it would be much appreciated

  22. Daniel

    So, I was playing… I like to name one of the initial colonists as myself, so I named this guy ’cause he was a brawler and I think brawlers are cool… Suddenly, after some time playing, I get a message: “It’s Dani’s birthday today!” I look at the clock and it’s September 9th……………………..

    My real life birthday.

    What are the odds? Damn. Thanks for the great game <3

  23. Teikai

    hey Tynan Sylvester,
    i would say you your healthsystem is amazing i have see the new transplantfeature and i have a question: how does it look with resuscitation?

  24. Fitzy9212

    I can’t unzip Alpha 7c and my download limit of it is at 2. It says this constantly “Cannot Complete the Compressed (zipped) Folders Extraction Wizard
    The compressed (zipped) folder is empty. Before you can extract files, you must copy files to this compressed (zipped) folder.\
    To close this wizard, click Finish.”

    Possibly need reset on downloads if I can’t get it to work pls, how the hell do I fix this.

  25. Fitzy – Download didn’t complete properly. Try downloading it again. If you run out of downloads just email me [email protected] I’ll fix it no problem.

  26. Fitzy9212

    Thanks and I think I know why it didn’t download. I’m using third party software to access all websites whilst at school so I can get the update and not waste my internet, but the network here is buggy and using proxy settings from somewhere in Japan isn’t helping either. But still, thanks I’ll make sure I download it tonight at home.

  27. hey. i dont hav my old link how i get the update ? 🙁

  28. random

    This game needs to be renamed RimCrack so people know what they’re getting into lol.