Hotfix to Alpha8d/e

Posted December 15th, 2014 by Tynan Sylvester

Alpha8c created a major bug where colonists would never plant in hydroponics basins. The fixed build, Alpha8d, is now uploaded.

As always, you can update with your existing download link.

Sorry about that. Hopefully not too many of you downloaded the game in the hours between 8c and 8d.

UPDATE: I just released a nonessential fix to reduce the mood impact of seeing rotting corpses from -14 to -4. You can patch as usual, or just go into RimWorld657/Mods/Core/Defs/ThoughtDefs/Thoughts_Memories.xml, search for ObservedLayingRottingCorpse, and change <baseMoodEffect>-14</baseMoodEffect> to <baseMoodEffect>-4</baseMoodEffect>.

27 Responses to “Hotfix to Alpha8d/e”

  1. Rhadamant

    You starved my colony! Haha, just kidding, I ate people instead.

  2. Thanks Tynan,

    Loving the support.

  3. Ironvos

    Are you sure it’s updated, i just downloaded it and it’s called build 657, same as alpha 8c, or did you keep the same version number?

  4. Same day; same build number.

  5. ChuggingClorox

    thanks for the update! cant wait to see more cool features in the game!

  6. Burki


  7. Jin

    This bug caused my colonists to become cannibals and make dusters from human leather. And now I kind of don’t want to stop cause it looks pretty cool… >.>

  8. Noobshock

    I guess this doesn’t work with previous saves? Because right now after a tribe raid with a bunch of dead bodies around, my observed corpse x3 is at -40 and such penalites, and they’re all going mental.

    Colonists really shouldn’t be that upset after they kill people that just tried to destroy them.

  9. Baker

    While -14 may be high, I think that dead bodies left to rot is one of the few times I even have to pay attention to morale. It’s not really about them being murderers who you defended against, it’s more about seeing bugs and worms crawling through any dead person is unsettling. Beyond that, burying the dead should be a priority anyway, the stink and the risk of sickness and disease would both be really good reasons. It also gives you incentive to get the crematorium researched and built as well which is one of the few researchs in the current build that’s worthwhile. It’s not even that bad of a situation unless you let them rot for longer than is pretty reasonable to get your wounded medical attention.

    All that said I think noticing dead bodies shouldn’t be a big penalty given the distance but maybe getting close to them without the burying or cremating job should.

  10. ciditi

    Quick response as usual Tynan, nice work. I can’t remember, but if there isn’t already, maybe there should be different debuffs for the different states of bodies. “Saw dead body” could have a lesser debuff than the more disgusting “saw rotting corpse”. This would put importance on cleaning up the battlefield before things got worse. I would agree that seeing someone’s dead body that had been trying to kill me might actually give you a buffed mood for a short time in such harsh conditions, but the feeling would be fleeting and eventually you would be revolted by a rotting pile of bodies.

  11. slicedtoad

    Does the hydroponics fix work with old saves? Doesn’t seem to to me. I’ve never used them though.

  12. Persojet


    What if download count has maxed? Where can I get a new link?

  13. Milon

    I think the rationale is that “dead body” is a major shock to morale (I mean, think about it guys – even if they just tried to kill you, seeing someone die is awful!). Seeing a “rotting corpse” isn’t as bad because by then they’ve gotten more used to seeing it.

  14. Corran1327

    if you could rest our downloads on send owl that would be nice it with all these downloads i cant update my laptop to

  15. tristan19954

    Two downloads left.. please don’t make too much more 🙂
    Thanks for the update!

  16. Timo

    Really the best game I’ve ever played! It gives me the feeling like back in the 80s, playing C=64 games with my big brother
    …and a guy with nearly exactly three decades of gaming experience is much harder to impress then a primer school kid! 🙂

    I believe this will be THE game, my children will love thinking of, when they are adults!

    Thank you so much for this lovely game!

  17. Pirrian

    Haaaay, I dunno if this affects anything, But Crafting Tables (e.g. Most, if not all production stations) display the Outside Temperature instead of the Inside Temperature. I’m worried that Those squares are “Leaking” the Outside Temp in… despite bein’ buried in a Mountain.
    Kind of a Bother During a Heat wave or a Cold Snap for Mountain Fortress Types; heat waves somehow getting in through 50+ tons of solid Rock.

    Regardless, I am enjoying the Temp mechanics.

  18. Nathan

    Hi, Ive missed a bit, but when i start up the game all works fine, after i create a new colony though the screen goes black, it doesn’t do this if i don’t select new colonists though?
    I’m not sure if this is just me or others are having this problem?

    The game is not crashing, but the whole thing goes black and all i can see is the courser.

    Is there anything I can do to get this working? (I have tried downloading the latest version)

  19. En

    Hydroponics still does not work

  20. general223

    Same problem, I have them in a room with 4 sun lamps and every tile on them is brightly lit, i have many growers. When I right click a pod with a grower no option comes up. Please help!

  21. Check that the room is warm enough. Is it?

  22. general223

    Works now, thanks alot! 🙂

  23. JagenXI

    So I updated using the DL link in my email to Alpha 8e. However when I go to right click on a Hydroponics basin with my Godlike grower, no option to prioritize come up.

  24. MediInfo

    Will there be a “Classic” mode available someday?
    I do like all the new additions to the game but I kinda miss the old random pod raider attacks (without having different factions only and that’s it) or that you could actually trade with nearby ships without having to craft stuff for 10000 years.

    The game kinda feels overloaded, though all the additions are nice, yet the older versions have a charm to them that probably comes from them being so “simple” in comparison.

  25. Minaraho

    Hello I have put 50+ hours in to the game and I really like what you have done here and I am excited to see what will come in the future. I don’t know where to put suggestions but here are a few that I have come up with as I have played. I would like to make some suggestions. Your medical system is Amazing!! but I would like to see just a few additions made in the shape of items. As far as items go, I think that you should expand on the items used to provide aid to the casualty. Adding dressings, tourniquets, IV’s, splints, chest tubes, decompression needles for sucking chest wounds, some drugs to help numb the pain, and other things of that nature would greatly add to the level of realism in casualty care. I understand that many people might be turned off by the complexity of these fancy medical items and procedures but it would expand the level of realism with caring for a casualty. It would also add to the crafting area of the game. In addition to that I think that it would be good idea to implement a more expansive inventory system. So if i was building a setup for a soldier character it would look something like this: helmet, shirt, armor vest, jacket, pants, backpack and a weapon. All of which you have in game already. Now if you are familiar with modern armor systems and combat equipment you know that you can mount pouches on them and put things in these pouches. So lets say that my soldier is wearing a plate carrier, within that carrier he can place magazines for his gun, a combat medical kit (with medical stuff as mentioned above, which the player can pack), water, food and other items that he might need. Similarly he can pack his backpack in much the same way. I don’t know if this is too technical of a request for me to make at this early stage in development or if this is in line with your vision for the game. But i thought I would throw it our there and see what you thought. I really like the game thus far and I look forward to its progression. Great work!
    Thanks again for a great game!

  26. Nibiru

    Hello.. I have a question regarding a feature which you’ve shown on the main ‘’ but is not in my current version (0.8.652) of rimworld. It’s shown on the above url under the “Psychology” section and shows an example regarding a colonist named, “Sheckley the miner” and shows a much more detailed window in their character screen. I only have “Mood” which has a stat bar and then I usually have about 3 more lines under that of “had social chat x(x)” Observed corpse x(x) and Tired…

    Curious why my tab isn’t as described as the one on


  27. Nibiru – Ah yes, that screenshot is very old. The ‘fear’ system was cut a while ago for complexity and logic reasons. I should probably replace that screenshot.