Hotfixed to Alpha9e

Posted February 23rd, 2015 by Tynan Sylvester

I’ve released a hotfix to Alpha 9, Alpha9e, that rebalances a few things and fixes a few issues. This is build 0.9.727.

You won’t receive an email for this hotfix as we don’t want to spam people. The download link is the same one you got all other versions of the game from. Your personal download link never changes and always gives the latest version.

You can update by deleting your old installed game, downloading the new build from your existing download link, and installing it to a clean empty folder.

If you need help with your download please email [email protected].

All save games from Alpha 9 will still be playable and mod compatibility shouldn’t be affected.

Changes include:

  • Reduced room temperature equalization rates.
  • Room walls that are two or more cells thick now equalize temperature slower.
  • Balanced sieges to be slightly weaker.
  • Various tuning adjustments to several thought mood effects.
  • Removed “buildings need power” alert as it is annoying to see it when a power switch is off.
  • Fixed a bug that corrupts savegames if you sell a statue that is marked to be installed.
  • While firefighting, colonists will now fight any fire they walk into.
  • Fixed a bug that caused non-prisoner beds to be set as prisoner beds on load.
  • Fixed a bug that froze wounded colonist prisoners if they were marked to get doctor care.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented prisoners from using nutrient paste dispensers in their cells.
  • Fixed a bug that caused temperatures indoors to sometimes become NaN (not a number).
  • Fixed a rare bug that prevented running a game that saved with some corrupted work priorities data.

41 Responses to “Hotfixed to Alpha9e”

  1. MsMeiriona

    Huzzah! The temperature equalizations tweaks, the buildings need power alert change (yeah of course they need power, I switched it off!) and the firefighting are GREAT, and having seen the NaN problem once I’m glad the bug was caught so quickly.

  2. Mike W

    My download count isn’t resetting between Alpha9c and e. down to 4 downloads left.

  3. The Spearman

    Speaking of temperature, I don’t know how it works with the patch yet but heat needed to be localized around Steam Geysers in the previous one. I tried building sleeping spots around one to see if it can combat freezing temperatures at night and it didn’t effect the immediate area, but when building a log wall around it the temp shot up to >100F. Kind of funky.

  4. Mike W

    Spearman, I could explain that in real life, since most of the heat just goes up. You have to be pretty close to a real geyser to notice a significant temp increase. Check pics of snow at Yellowstone. However, put a ROOF over a geyser, and… death.

    So, that’s how it SHOULD work. If that’s the programming reason, I have no idea. 🙂

  5. MaGicBush

    How do I download the update I did not receive an e-mail for this hotfix and I see nowhere on the site to download it?

  6. SG

    @MaGicBush – use the link in the email that you got when Alpha 9 first released. It’s the same link, but the download has been updated with the latest hotfix. Save that link for future use, and use it any time RimWorld updates.

  7. Listen1

    Spearman and Mike, you can even do these combination to “kill” friendly units, just lock them inside a room with the steam gayser OR you can heat your hole base with one.

    Haven’t tested the last one on Alpha 9, but in the alpha 8 2 steam gayser heated up my hole base.

  8. Sokar

    Am I the only who has a bug where stonecutting doesn’t skill up Crafting?

  9. Mr.Jared

    Hot damn Tynan, you are really chugging along with these fixes and updates. you keep up the great work and power on

  10. Ragnar Yager

    same here, it doesnt reset, and i got 5 downloads left.

  11. Correct, downloads didn’t reset. I’ve been asking SendOwl for this facility, it’s on their list. In the mean time you can always ask [email protected] for a reset.

    But I don’t anticipate any more fixes to A9.

  12. Tiba666

    im down to 2 download left because i have updated each time there have been a newer version out more or less and one fail download ^^

    but i like you made so many fixes so far 🙂

  13. Mike W

    Listen1, for an added trick, put an air conditioner with the heat side into a 1×1 room.

    Cool temp room=70,
    Hot Temp “room” = 300! 🙂

  14. Baker

    No more fixes? So what do I do with “guests” from friendly factions that are missing legs that I want to rescue? Continue to let them die? 🙁

    I understand you don’t want players to be able to rip out organs from friendly faction characters they rescued, but if they need a leg replaced it’s problematic.

  15. Baker – That’s too big and dangerous a change to put in a hotfix. Too likely to create new bugs. It’ll have to wait for A10.

  16. Baker

    Well thanks for hearing me out. I’ll look forward to it, and all the other cool stuff you have in store. Thanks again.

  17. Jack

    Should the file link page reset for this hotfix?

  18. Chris

    Since alpha 9 I’ve been experiencing an issue with very large raiding parties attacking early on before my base is finished on the easiest difficulty setting. largest was like 150 heavily armed guys, the last to happen about 50 landed in drop pods right at my front door. I had edited the save file for loads of silver and steel so it might be my fault for making it look like I’m more prepared that I am but i wasn’t expecting raids of that caliber at all on builder mode.

  19. Chris – That is just the difficulty of the game… If you don’t like it, don’t play.

  20. 'Beck

    Love the game, love it to bits! And the quick fixes is just great, it’s rare to see such dedication, much kudos!
    Request though, can we please have back the fertilizer pump? I miss it so, it was great for large indoor greenhouses and even “tree farms” in those areas where the trees outside are few and grow slowly. Not to mention swampy areas!

  21. Zenke

    Hi. Still love this game. Alpha 9 is amazing. Since you added the controller job, I have a suggestion. You could add a command console that allows colonists to quickly turn on/off everything connected to the same power lines as it. Or A security console, that only works for Turrets.

  22. Noobshock

    @Tynan, speaking of difficulty, the fact that the game bases raid sizes so much on the value of what’s in your stockpile (amongst other things I understand) does create a really counterintuitive form of trolly-ish gameplay where you naturally WANT to pick up resources etc around the map but stashing them is actually not a good idea for self-preservation. If you minmax and want to take it a step further to see just how far you can take your colony, NOT stockpiling key valuable stuff when you can help it becomes an integral part of one’s strategy.

    I’m not saying I have a better idea atm, but once you understand how the game decides to throw threats at you, it does become a little awkward.

  23. I dont understand where is the downloading link

  24. Iron_Wofle

    @Tynan While it’s your game to develop and while difficulty may be working as intended, I’m somewhat disappointed that you’d treat your supporters with this kind of attitude. I love the game, and I anticipate every update, but the difficulty could most certainly do with some balancing (and possibly an improvement to how it’s calculated). Now, the game is still in development, and there’s still a long way to go, but seeing you tell the people who made it possible for you to develop this game “if you don’t like it, don’t play” disappoints me, and to put it bluntly, as an indie dev you can’t really afford to make enemies of your players. All feedback should be taken seriously and responded to respectfully, even if you believe it’s not something you need to change.

    With that said, loving the game so far, and I’m very happy to see development progress. If there’s anything I’d like to see more of, it’s more control over crafting, for example the ability to assign a crafting station to a specific colonist, or a priority system for crafting similar to stockpiles. As for difficulty, I think the game could benefit from more difficulty in terms of keeping your colonists happy (which seems to be happening with unpleasant conversation and high expectations moods) and maybe somewhat less from attacks on your colony, and as Noobshock says, once you figure out how raid strength is calculated it becomes fairly easy (if somewhat tedious) to manage it in a way I imagine is not intended (working the system to reduce raid strength, rather than planning out a good defense).

  25. Iron_Wolfe – I thought it would be funny to put “Tynan Sylvester” in the “Name (required)” and mimic Tynan’s writing style.

    I feel bad now and realize he is focusing on this great game rather than knit picking though comments.

    Raid strength should be calculated by only valuables and not construction materials/food. Furthermore a pirates objective should most likely be stealing your shit or kidnapping rather than killing you all. What kind of self respecting plunderer would kill a bunch of miners when they are an easy source of gold when alive?

    They should call you on your comms console to parley.

    -Not Tynan

    I hope my red teaming has been helpful.

  26. Iron_Wofle

    Well don’t I feel stupid now. Although I guess I can’t really be blamed for assuming someone with the name of the dev and with a link to this site as the website would actually be the guy.. oh well.

    Parley would be an interesting thing to see! It could certainly provide some interesting depth play (if you give in to their demands, they might demand more next time, the ability to negotiate and such). And they do sort of kinda do the kidnapping thing, but only when broken (they’ll grab any unconscious colonists or friendlies in the area while retreating). I would certainly like to see pirate raids have different roles for different pirates – some might focus on fighting your guys, others might make a beeline for your most valuable resources, and maybe some will even hang back until they see someone is down, then rush in to grab them and flee. Or maybe even some with explosives or molotov cocktails who are just out to wreck shit.

    I think the difficulty is.. okay-ish at the moment. The scaling very much needs work, especially late-game, although that can to some extent be counteracted by not hoarding. I can’t say I agree on the whole “construction materials and food shouldn’t count” – the pirates are essentially relying on raiding other settlements for those things, so it makes sense for them to take that into account when determining where to raid. I think the raid size should be just generally less determined by stockpiled resources and more on colony size and combat strength. A colony with lots of resources but low combat strength would probably see frequent but relatively weak raids, while a high combat strength low resource colony would see infrequent but very strong raids (indicating that the raiders may be getting desperate or that the other viable targets in the area are even harder to crack – it’s not worth hitting it unless you know you can break through). The composition of the raids might also be affected, if the raiders get roles as mentioned earlier – a low combat strength, high resource colony would probably see raids with less fighters and more looters.

    This is all just bouncing ideas around though, I don’t know where it’s going to end up. What I do know is that development so far is looking very promising!

  27. Chipotle

    how do i know what my main email on paypal is because i cant redownload the game withoiut it

  28. Kyle

    Anyone having problems with people not building sculpting tables.

  29. Samuel

    Is there an update?

    Can I have a link to it?

  30. Liam

    I have an issue with this recent version, Every game save I have made since this update gets corrupted or something happens when i load up the game where buttons start changing colours the menu only has load game options and return to OS I am really unsure on what to do and its putting me off playing the game after hours of work gets corrupted for some reason! :c

    Cheers for your time

  31. I havent got a link to update how do i get it??

  32. Could you please un-ipban me?

  33. I don’t know who you are or what your IP is. If you’ve been wrongly ip blocked, email me.

  34. Malban

    I would like to change my email address you send your updates to (Kickstart Baker).
    I have not found any form for that. Replying to SendOwl is not rely helpfull either.

    You can change the emailAdress to the one used in this comment – or reply to it.
    I wont write my original email address in this public comment thou.


  35. Malban, you’ll have to email [email protected] as it says in the original post; no email address is listed for you.

  36. Max

    I love everything of this game. Nice features. Keep up the hard work 🙂 .

    I have some bugs and bad logic to report:

    1)If you build a base i a mountain and it has a roof and then yoou find an unroofed area (even small) near it, instantly zones of your base without doors become unroofed too.

    2)Stockpile area logic was better in Alpha 8 (I could create 1 fragmented stockpile in order to fit an area with walls or objects even if the area was separated by spaces, now I have to create single stockpiles for every separated zone).

    3)When going to dismantle enemy or friendly sandbags colonist just dismantle 1 tile and then change task. That would be ok with a sandbag inside the base. However almost always sandbags are on the other side of the map and that would take days to dismantle a 7×1 sanbag wall (when you have few colonists).

    4) I think trade ships are bugged. When they come in range and the message pops up I can’t find them on the comunication panel. furthermore it no more advise me when the trade ship leaves com range. Maybe only my colony is bugged but a might be bug report wont hurt anyone. Plus trade ships are very rare, is this on purpose. (I do not use mods).

    5) Crematorium acts strangely and does not show where it is connected to power sources.

    6) Building and object descritpions should show how the item acts,, how to make it work, some more info on how to use it, what is needed to make it work etc.

    Sorry for my bad eng but it’s not my main language.

  37. AmericanTragedy

    Hi Max, it sounds like you’re having a lot of problems. I would recommend you making a forums account if you’ve not already done so, and making a post in the Support area of the forums, there are plenty of people there to help you, as Tynan can’t help all users in a 1 on 1 basis.

    -Thanks, AyeTee

  38. Dustn

    I’ve been keeping up with each hotfix and I’d like to comment on this most recent build and the characteristics of the AI

    While I was under SIEGE, the attackers did not stop blowing my base up, usually after some time, they give up and attack the base, this did not happen, in fact, I was SIEGED by a second group at the same time and was getting hammered from two different directions… not fun. I kind of like the option of playing defensive and offensively but it seems like I don’t have any other option but to go attack them.

    I’d like to also note, I went from Mech Crash SHIP, to being attacked by two siege teams at the same time, then once that was finished, another MECH Crash SHIP dropped… bit much compared to previous plays but still a great game.

    If this behavior seems bizarre or not what you intended, I can send you my save file.

  39. Dustn, all the behaviour you describe is as intended. You do have to go attack the sieges. That’s how they were always designed; they only assaulted after time before because of bugs and an incomplete implementation. I hope you will take a view of the game as it exists without being sidetracked by assumptions drawn from earlier, less-finished versions.

  40. Dustin

    Thanks for the response, I was just confirming the AI behavior.

    I do however like the ability to choose to be aggressive or defensive though, in some cases when population is low it may prove more useful for a siege to use up all ammo and resort to attacking the colony. Perhaps some level of roof repair or HP to make this a feasible measure. Just a thought.

    The colonists are much more effective in attacking now which definitely aids in the direction you are going with each version. Good work.

  41. Dustin


    I have to say, even though you mention being “sidetracked by assumptions drawn from earlier, less-finished versions” I’ve played through a few times now and I am not sure how much I am enjoying the requirement of being an aggressor. Also by those comments, I am not sure how you are viewing feedback either but as like Iron_Wofle mentions above I have to agree with him also.

    The crash ship situation already can be quite destructive to my population but having to assault back to back sieges is taking away from other aspects of the game that I enjoy. I think having some sort of stipulation based on population that could inspire the methods of assaults and sieges and the behavior of them too. For example, small population would result in assaults or raiding parties while larger populations may draw more lengthy sieges rather than vice versa. Just a thought, I like to stick with the vanilla version.