Bug warning: Don’t change storytellers

Posted May 1st, 2015 by Tynan Sylvester

A bug has been discovered that will break storytellers if you change between Randy and Cassandra/Phoebe.

If you do this, the game will simply cease sending events. No traders, no raids, nothing.

You can still change difficulties. You can also still change between Cassandra and Phoebe. Just don’t change to or from Randy.

Sorry about that. Will be fixed in next build.

8 Responses to “Bug warning: Don’t change storytellers”

  1. NoooneyDude

    I discovered this bug awhile back. Switching back to Randy resumed the events though.

  2. Skip

    No worries. It happens, especially in Alpha builds.

  3. T.J

    Well, it’s Randy :p

  4. A.J

    Friggin’ Randy, man.

  5. bob

    the game wot loed

  6. Russell

    Has anyone noticed that conduit walls are missing? I don’t know if they were removed intentionally but it’s impossible to get power into a sealed building.

  7. Eve

    Russell, you can place power conduits through walls.

  8. Mihail

    What about the bug with saving? All the time when downloading any save game does not want to work properly.