A Man and His Dog

Posted August 27th, 2015 by Tynan Sylvester

Fan video by IskOtter.

17 Responses to “A Man and His Dog”

  1. Userfredle

    This emphasis what rimworld is really about, the simulation in this game in uncanny and so many situations and emotions can unfold form your pawns

  2. its so freaky that i often have emotions with my colonists when they are in trouble.
    they are like my childs and when they die i often feel sad anyhow aswell.
    then i need to meet some friends or something haha =)

  3. Comlink

    Damn that was sad. Sad sad sad. I know it’s a silly little pawn in Rimworld, but this conveyed emotion much better than many a movie I’ve seen. I don’t even like tragedy, but I liked this.

  4. deanna

    This is nice. Upload it to voat and lets get the game some views. 🙂 voat.co/v/rimworld

  5. deanna – why don’t you? 😀

  6. sandman

    so sad

  7. DrCakerz

    That Was So Cute! Really Felt What Rimworld Tries To Convey And Brought Perspective Over What I Think This Game Gas Begun and Become.

  8. H man

    Was that a piano version of the pixies’ where is my mind? very cool. Great video.

  9. TNTLord_payton

    Sad but beautiful really made me think about what rimworld has become. made me love my dog more than i already did.

  10. bongobongobongo

    I’m not crying.. I’ve just be chopping onions.. cause I’m making a lasagna.. for one.

  11. Bronson

    I play with a lot of mods installed and I name the characters after people I know. It has created some hilarious situations.

    My buddy Ian was stabbed in the kidney and lung in a catastrophic surgery failure by his best mate Zarish when attempting to install a bionic hand. Zarish was high on weed at the time.

  12. Dylan

    It’s so sad but i’m fan 🙂 it’s cool

  13. Kwäsir

    I have to hug this dog… NOW!

  14. Raffaël

    Oh shit, im so much sad :'(

  15. Brian

    That was so awesome! What a great story! More please!

  16. Sirshin

    This was so meaningful! These touching moments is what brings Rimworld to life for me!

  17. This makes me not want to get rimworld, So I’ll watch someone else cos if that happened to my guys I’d be Crying my butt to oblivion.