Hotfixed to Alpha12b (now Alpha12c)

Posted August 26th, 2015 by Tynan Sylvester

I’ve just uploaded a hotfix to version Alpha12b. This is purely a fixing and balancing hotfix.


  • Your saves from A12 should still work. Hooray!
  • Data/XML-only mods from A12 should still work. Yay!
  • Mods with code from A12 may work, or they may break. You may need to recompile them with the new DLL. Aww.

To get the update: Download using your previous link from your last email and install to a clean empty folder. There will not be a new email sent. Your personal download link is permanent and always has the latest version. If you need help with anything, please go to

Changes in Alpha12b:

  • Rebalanced animal hauling, traps, charge rifle, assault rifle.
  • Rebalanced animal hunger rates and plant nutritions so animals need larger grass pastures to be sustainable.
  • Thrumbo is much more powerful in combat.
  • Sleeping pawns now wake up when harmed.
  • Float menu column is wider to avoid cut-off text.
  • Ship part incidents won’t occur so early.
  • First raid comes a bit earlier on Cassandra and Phoebe.
  • Fixed: Manual work priorities being used after switching to non-manual priorities.
  • Fixed: Colonists have ‘colonist left unburied’ thoughts when tame animals were left unburied.
  • Fixed: Eggs can only be used for simple meals
  • Fixed: Trade items dropping in weird places.
  • Fixed: Colonists incapable of violence can slaugher animals.
  • Fixed: Alphabeavers leave the map after they sleep because they get hungry.
  • Fixed: Date changes over at 6am, not midnight.
  • Misc other fixes and improvements.

Change in Alpha12c:

  • Poison ship part event now only drops one ship part instead of 2-3.

28 Responses to “Hotfixed to Alpha12b (now Alpha12c)”

  1. Thoars

    I love you Tynan but your patch notes can be vague as hell sometimes. What kind of balancing was done with hauling, traps, and the rifles?

  2. Louis

    Pretty good job Tynan. The Ship parts thing was well annoying. Can you see if you can cut down the poison ship spawn from 3 to the regular 1. It has stopped me playing many times as mechanoids are too op.

  3. Lupus

    Based on a comparison of game files I would say that that the balancing involves the following changes:
    – Animal Hauling: Chance that trained pets will haul stuff around has been lowered
    – Traps: spike traps do slightly more damage now, while IED traps do less
    – Melee weapons: Thrumbo Horn has a shorter cooldown, Elephant Tusk does more melee damage
    – Ranged weapons: Assault Rifles have slightly different range and cooldown, Charge Rifles deal more damage

  4. Pletter

    Wait, so you can use eggs for fine meals aswell now? They are neither meat nor vegetarian right?

  5. For the purposes of cooking, eggs currently count as meat.

  6. Jack

    Tynan- are saves compatible between this hotfix and the alpha 12 version?

  7. Jack – come on man, read the post! It’s a lot easier than asking in the comments.

  8. flacongrey

    LOL Tynan! I had JUST downloaded B and decided to ‘look again’ at the fixes and you released C! So funny..

  9. Ivan The Blue

    Good stuff! Found having 12 huskies carrying everything for you to be a bit crazy but they hardly seemed to take a chunk out of the food supply at all. Only 1 poison ship… Thank you, thank you so much. Took 4 days for a single mortar shell to hit a psychic ship in my area then BOOM 2 poison ships dropped down in my area as well, I considered myself screwed. Keep up the good work sir!

  10. thedoktorj

    So glad to see these changes. I had 3 poison ship parts drop within 2 months of landing, right in the middle of a week long hot snap. Half of the map is still covered in animal remains from that. Even lost good ole’ Nana in the fight for the 2nd one. The 2 remaining colonists probably wouldn’t have survived the 3rd one had I not timed it to bring in a group of wandering travelers to help fight the 3rd mech. Definitely made things interesting, but a bit much for a Cassandra Base-builder save.

  11. Pantalaimon

    I have enjoyed all the many additions to the game this last patch, but it does seem overall to be a lot more punishing. I always play on Randy on challenging, so I have no idea whether I’m setting myself up for an inevitable fall with that. However, it seems like this patch I can’t really get a sustainable colony for that long, raids are absolutely brutal in combination with the more nuanced colonists these days, a lot of the time it only takes a few raids to fail completely as opposed to usually being able to keep a colony going no matter what.

    Perhaps I should be playing on the base-building difficulty, since thats what I want to do – but I don’t like the idea of making the game less difficult. It just feels like on Randy the game is often either a cakewalk or you’ve lost the game, with no in between. Maybe that is just the nature of allowing anything to happen and not checking how the player is doing.

    Overall I do prefer Randy’s gameplay to the storytelling styles, though, just because my experience playing Cassandra (and maybe Phoebe) is that the game always ramps up into an unwinnable state. With Randy at least there’s a chance, maybe a small chance, that you survive long enough to sustain a strong colony.

  12. DenChetto


    3 poison ship parts after two months was annoying. Thanx for fixing 🙂

  13. Jorlem

    Where do I need to email to get the download counter reset? My browser glitched, and refused to download the file (It wouldn’t save the .part file, and the error message popped up on top of the open with or save as window, the one before the file browser opens.) The download counter on the Sendowl site wasn’t updating (and still says I have 7 downloads left), so I didn’t realize it was counting the failed attempts against me. Had I realized, I would have switched to a different browser.

  14. Jorlem, if you need help with anything, please go to

  15. Jens

    Sadly my save is not able to load 🙁 the debug window is just throwing hundreds of red lines… no mods installed previously.
    All about System.Nullreference with SquadAIBrain

  16. Jens – was the save made with Alpha 12?

    If so, can you zip and email it to me?

  17. Jens

    Save was made with 12.906, I’m going to send it to you.

  18. Jens – got it, it’s your mods.

  19. Jens

    There is nothing installed o.O

  20. Yes, that’s the problem. There were about 8-9 mods installed when you made that savegame. And you’re trying to load it into an unmodded game.

  21. Jens

    I’ll check that. Thank you!

  22. mike

    Thanks you Tynan Sylvester for this great update&game you give us and for all your great work 🙂 !!

    <3 Ludeon Studio

  23. Mike


  24. SchwertHamster

    I love the new animal update brought me back to the game!

    got one little problem at the moment for some weird reason my constructors are incapable of receiving the manual command to focus on blueprints. any ideas? i can rightclick on other things just fine just building things wont work and yes i have made sure they were constructors

  25. AnniKa

    I Had the same problem as SchwertHamster had, but for me it was just 1 Construction (a gheo powerplant) wich i could not build.
    i had enough steel and a way to go there was aviable, but they never build it (while they build aloot of other stuff), also i could not manual order them to build it.
    i can send you savegame on monday if you want me to.

  26. Jrayhiman

    Hey, I never received the email to update my game. Is there another way I’m supposed to go about doing that? Or should I just wait?

  27. Amonomoto

    Awesome video. 10/10 am depressed now.

  28. Viperious

    Tynan – The day after i destroyed 2 poison ship parts by setting up sentry turrets around and putting everyone in sentry positions, only to be followed by a 15 man pirate raid >.> i suddenly find out the hotfix has made only poison ship part drop, i am holding you accountable for the two colonist lives that were lost in the defence against that raid, what do you have to say for yourself?

    P.S. i really respect what you have done with rimworld, the style of Rimworld and Prison Architect aswell as the lore of Until Dawn have given me my own idea for a game that i intend to work on once i finish my course in games development 🙂