Alpha 13 – Trapped With Your Ex released!

Posted April 6th, 2016 by Tynan Sylvester

Here’s Alpha 13 – Trapped With Your Ex!

To get your update, you can re-download from the same link as last time. Your personal download link never changes. Update emails with your links are being sent out over the next few hours. If anyone lost their download link, they can also get it resent at the automatic link resender.

Old saved games and worlds won’t work in this update, I’m afraid. So please don’t try to load them; they’ll just generate errors.

The end-user license agreement has been fully released this time, so be sure to take a look at it before downloading. It’ll apply to you when you download the update, and is also included with the game.

Below is the video and the major additions list, including permadeath mode, which I forgot to mention before. Have fun!


  • New permadeath mode. One save file, save on quit or autosave only, no take-backsies when something goes horribly, insanely, or laughably wrong. The way RimWorld was meant to be played.


  • Colonist family and social relationship system / Social relationships with friends, rivals, family, chats, arguments, and fights
  • Opinion system; pawns care about dozens of memories and situations to determine their opinions of each other
  • Family members out to cousins and beyond
  • Lovers, fiancees, marriages, ex-lovers, ex-spouses
  • Lovin’
  • People may get in social fights with those they dislike (even neutrals and enemies do this)
  • Animal bonding
  • People who leave the map while traveling, fleeing, being kidnapped, etc. can come back later as raiders, visitors, joiners, etc.
  • Marriage ceremonies and parties

Prison breaks

  • Prison breaks. Prisoners pick the locks, get out, seek weapons and work as a group to escape.


  • Self-reproducing, spreading underground insect hives
  • Insect hives are dangerous but produce succulent insect jelly

Animals and predators

  • Many more animals, some of which will hunt people
  • Some animals are now predators, including colony pets (e.g. cats catch squirrels)
  • Animals can gnaw corpses apart directly now

Threat response mode

  • Decide how colonists should auto-respond to threats: flee, attack, or ignore?


  • ‘Components’ resource used for machinery and electronics
  • Ground-traveling trade caravans from other factions
  • Deeper research tree with more low-tech options and more things to research
  • New fueled buildings: stove and generator
  • Various new lower and higher-tech production buildings
  • Two research tables: simple and hi-tech. Hi-tech is required for some projects.


  • New exotic infections: Gut worms, mechanite infections which give abilities at a cost of pain or fatigue, trauma savantism
  • New chronic diseases: Carcinoma, asthma, hearing loss
  • New “firefoam popper” provides a way to combat fire besides punching it.
  • Character records which keep stats on each character like number of kills, injuries, surgeries, etc.
  • Extreme desert biome
  • Colonists in relationships can share beds
  • New double bed; royal bed is now gold-trimmed and fancy
  • New flatscreen and megascreen TVs
  • Colonists can now visit sick people in bed to cheer them up
  • Sick people in bed can now watch TV
  • Building damage overlays
  • Days are now twice as long as before, with years being half as many days. (This means that years are exactly as long as before in actual play time, just divided into a smaller number of longer days.)
  • The year is now split into seasons instead of months.
  • Animal kibble
  • Deep rooms stay cool in the heat
  • Richer tale recording and better art descriptions
  • Hundreds of balance improvements, optimizations, tweaks and fixes

128 Responses to “Alpha 13 – Trapped With Your Ex released!”

  1. Kevin

    Your the best, I love you hahahah 😀

  2. Mike

    Fantastic work sir, thanks for the effort you put in.

  3. Broken

    Yes! I can’t wait.

  4. MrWoody32

    When Steam release?

  5. Tanis

    Holy shit, its here! Looking forward to getting it 😀

  6. Tabasco

    Brilliant update! Thank you!

  7. Jason Robichaud

    Love the game, and look forward to playing the update when I have a spare 26 consecutive hours or so, but I just had a question about the new EULA.

    The EULA says I can use Rimworld on up to five devices. Is this five devices concurrently, or five lifetime installs?

  8. Eric

    Well there go my grades for this week. Super excited. Glad to have you back Tynan!

  9. Haecriver

    Great !! But can you reset the downloads counter please ?

  10. Siberianhamster

    Well, I was going to spend to next few days with the family. Guess they’ll have to wait…

  11. IkeaSwede

    You can’t!
    Not now!
    I need to sleep! I really do!
    damn this is mean tynan! </3
    (Seriously – i'm so excided!)

  12. Jason – Concurrently.

    It’s just designed to stop things like someone e.g. buying it and installing it on every PC at school.

  13. Justas

    A quick suggestion, you can change the days in the year, you can change how long days last and all that giberish. Love your game man.

    Also will you make the research tree into a tech tree? Much like the hardcore sk research. Cause it’s probably the only reason why i like sk.

  14. Zanfib

    The video seems to cut out before the end.

    Nice Update.

  15. Dr. Z

    So we are at the edge of the known universe, and neither people nor information can travel faster than light. What are these colonist watch on TV? And more importantly: who is broadcasting it?

  16. Dr. Z – the television description covers this. Basically, old satellites or stations broadcasting on loops, or recordings bought with the TV.

  17. UnclePencil

    The link resender doesn’t restock the downloads as I have 0 downloads for Windows. I really want to play.

  18. Sorry Uncle. Give it some time to reset everything. For some reason SendOwl takes a while to do this.

  19. the rim

    Not now. But how?
    I need to sleep, or my mother will weep.
    But rimworld sure is a “slim girl”.

    Thank you and have a good day.

  20. TheDee

    Great Stuff! Well Done!

  21. Humba

    I saw your recent work of maps for other games and you seems like a great modeler.
    How come the models of Rimworld alsmost looks so cartoonish with not much details? Will you rework on these models?
    I don’t talk about the no-hands and no legs, thats okay for me, but like the terrier, i looked at the textures and it looks like made with paint, which is really low if i see your recent epic work of maps and models 🙁

  22. Rynkk

    I’ve been checking on the blog so many times every day and the feeling when it finally happend,

  23. ChimpX

    What a brilliant fusion of genius and madness this game is.

    Thanks Tynan & crew, and all you testers too !

  24. DFKabuto

    It’s a shame this will likely break many of the mods I’m using.

    That said, I can honestly say I haven’t been this excited for a game in years. You’ve really made something special here, Tynan.

  25. tiba

    shame the downloads isn’t resetted yet ^^ 😛

  26. Excellent looking update! I am very excited to start some new colonies!

  27. Ellionas


    April 6th, 2016 – 7:30 pm

    The link resender doesn’t restock the downloads as I have 0 downloads for Windows. I really want to play.

    Same for me…

  28. GreenBud

    How to get Building parts?

  29. panggul_mas

    jesus it’s finally happened.

  30. ciditi

    Congrats on another alpha release, Tynan. Great work as usual from you and your team (shoutout to ison!). Thanks for letting me contribute in a small way as part of the testing group.

  31. I greatly appreciate your contribution ciditi!

  32. Gennadios

    Thank you! My entire Steam storefront is infested with “VR is here!” products. Hopefully this update will keep me occupied until there are actual games on steam.

  33. Vitobuc

    I love it! Everyone died all ready

  34. Skade

    Thank you for the release.
    Have had the most royally sucky day ever, so logging on and finding out this was just released improved it a great deal.

  35. ANDY

    My download link shows 0 remaining for Mac – and to contact the vendor. Is a fix for this in the works?

  36. ANDY: Can you email me and tell me your purchase email?

    I’ve contacted SendOwl to ask them to reset the downloads but a specific case would help.

  37. Louis


    Is alpha 13 released? Because I didn’t received a copy from sendowl download thru my email.

  38. Jared

    It says I’m out of downloads whenever i try to download it is it possible you can fix that? And its only for windows downloads

  39. Jared

    My purchase email is [removed]

  40. Enterprise12

    Tynan, as i see your looking for an example of yhe SendOwl not being restocked, here is my email, i have 0 windows downloads.

    [email protected]

  41. Waffle

    hay don’t mean to be a bother but I didn’t get a download for the new update please help I cant wait to play it

  42. daveb22

    Wow today was already a great day, and now it’s perfect <3

    Thanks for keeping with it, definitely recommending all over the place

  43. Vreil

    One question can u tame bugs? realy would like to have a army of bugs!

    and as always amazing update

  44. Fe

    So colonists can auto-shoot gun at enemy now? anyone please tell me

  45. Shedninji

    [email protected]

    Same problem here, all the other downloads except for windows are updated for Alpha 13, but windows downloads haven’t been refreshed. Still at zero. Even did a test download for a linux/mac copy and they work fine, up to date. Why is this a windows only problem?

  46. Oliver

    The link for send owl hasn’t reset the windows version and it asks me to contact the vendor.

  47. Avoan

    Now I have to wait for interface and caveworldflora mod to kick in and start playing!


    Awesome..just why no word about the Steam release? I was very much looking forward to it.

  49. JuGGaNoX

    i like ur work very much!
    its awesome!

    greets from germany

  50. Dog Whisperer

    I got an event saying a yorkshire terrier joined my colony. But when I jumped to where the dog was, there were seven yorkshire terriers. Big emphasis on the “were” because i was not equipped to take care of seven dogs so i slughtered them all. Loving the new update!

  51. Matthew

    So I’ve also got the issue that the downloads haven’t restocked. I know you’ve seen a dozen already, but I figured I’d throw my hat in the ring.

  52. Matthew

    Oop, there it goes. Bingo bango.

  53. Tiba

    Even over Night after I wrote to you in support no refull . :(. Hmm Tynan how long will it approximate take?

  54. The_Apothecary

    I know tiba D:!! The waiting is reallllll!

  55. Emma

    Great update, cant wait to lose more hours/days to your game.


  56. Break

    Yeah !!! i hope you continue to add feature to the game !! Thank you for this awesome game !!!!

  57. saharo

    “Attending a wedding makes everybody very happy”
    what the hell did you smoke?

    Jokes apart, very nice addition!
    Very nice the bug stuff, and all the other subsystem.

    I really like the DwarfFortressy thing of having system that are designed in such an open and messy way, that you can’t really predict how people use them. And if in a fantasy/medieval setting, most object have mostly a very wide purpose (see rocks, logs, slopes, water and stuff), in a sci-fi settings you have a very big challenge making different system blend together.

    I wish you the best luck with this game, get it on!

  58. Cas

    Tynan, what’s the current idea on moving to steam?

    Steam would bring in quite a bit of money (and it has already been greenlit), as well as solve the update issues people (including me) have with SendOwl.
    Moreover, the Steam Workshop is quite a bit easier to use than the current system.
    I don’t give a rats shapely behind about achievements or the card collecting nonsense, and I think I’m not the only one, so ignoring that shouldn’t be an issue.

  59. Krellebobz

    I do believe Tynan said that the next project is the Steam release.

    1) How long can we approx. expect to have to wait for the Steam release?
    2) You’ve before said that the game can be understood to be sort of “complete” as is – So will the Steam release be marked as Early Access or will the Steam release be 1.0?
    – On this subject i would recomend it being 1.0, with future expansions being reasonably priced major updates. Like the (hopefully) coming co-op mode being an 5-10$ expansion being sold as DLC in the Steam shop. Then you (or Piotr) can keep updating the game as long as it is profitable.


  60. Aalikane

    This was cruel. I have to go to work in 20 minutes…. how am I supposed to concentrate on billing when my brain just wants to come home and play rimworld?

    Not cool dude. Couldn’t have waited for a weekend? >.>

  61. Sangaj

    Aalikane: I have same problem 😀

  62. Tarmok

    YAY \o/ finally TY

  63. Thenightgaunt

    THANK YOU!!!
    I love the idea and it all sounds great! I can’t wait to get it downloaded from my link and give A13 a shot. You’re fantastic.

  64. Janus

    New changes looks good, especially like the longer days.

    One question are colonist food/rest/joy etc. rates changed to be same as before (doubled duration/halved decay)?

  65. cedric


    Impossible to charge the new version… why? i have win 10 64x and the others version worked…

    Please help…

    I receive the new version by mail but when i extract the files and i click to play, the icon disapeared !!!


  66. DoggedSpy

    Do colonist reproduce? Or will that be added later?

  67. ORCACommander

    “Jason – Concurrently.

    It’s just designed to stop things like someone e.g. buying it and installing it on every PC at school.”

    You might as well go full DRM at that point because there is no way to enforce that and then people also break the DRM. All this does is give you a whip if you wish to serve litigation. At least you did not go full anno or red alert 3 and make permanent activations

  68. Gab

    Can’t wait to try this update!

  69. comlink

    EXCELLENT. I have so much stuff to do around the house. So many projects to pass the time. They’re getting back-burner…ed until I successfully get a 30 colonist plantation populated solely by sister-wives of the colony leader, Rod Bumpkin.

  70. Who cares my name??

    A very Juicy thing you could do for next Alpha is usig (Tons of) Componets to build mechanoids to do minig, cooking fighting, etc.
    it would work if it were REEEAALLY hard building them, this way, this overpower things wouldn’t be unfair 😉 i’m counting on you

  71. Definitely anal-retentive. Probably autistic.

    The EULA states that I can only use this website on a device that I own, so I guess that means that I’m banned for coming here while at work. A heads up would have been nice.

    All (sort of) joking aside, there are a few things that stood out to me when I read through the EULA. Hopefully the formatting works.


    In purchasing RimWorld, you purchase a perpetual license to install and use RimWorld and associated materials, documents, online services, forums, and other ancillaries (henceforth collectively known as “the Software”) on up to five devices you own.

    As mentioned above, this is 5 concurrent installations of the game and that should probably be clarified.


    The only permissions you have in connection in connection with the Software are the permissions laid out in this EULA.



    Rip parts of our game out and distribute them (for example, ripping song and selling or distributing them – if you want the soundtrack, buy it!)

    If someone wanted to rip the soundtrack directly from the game for personal use (i.e. to listen to on their personal computer), then the above condition does nothing to outlaw this. Furthermore, this line is completely pointless as it is already covered by the first bullet: “[You are not allowed to] Give copies of anything we’ve made, including the Software, to anyone else”.


    Within reason, you are allowed to make videos of the gameplay of the Software and distribute them. You’re allowed to monetize these videos as well.

    I never did like the term ‘within reason’, especially when a game is as heavily reliant on RNG to provide a unique experience as this one is. But as for actual clarification, does this allow for people to stream gameplay? If so, are you allowed to run advertisements (à la G2A banner ads), accept donations, or anything else that streamers normally do while playing a game? If you do run ads, does that mean that you are commercializing the software and are in violation of the EULA?


    You may create and distribute modifications, tools, or plugins (“Mods”) for the game.

    I would word this something like: “You may create and distribute modifications, tools, or plugins (collectively referred to as “Mods”) for the game.” Otherwise the rest of the section could be interpreted as only being specifically about plugins. Maybe I’m just being overly anal-retentive here.


    Your Mods must be distributed for free, period. Neither you, nor any other person or party, may sell them to anyone, commercially exploit them in any way, or charge anyone for receiving or using them without prior written consent from Ludeon. Commercial exploitation includes but is not limited to in-game advertising, other advertising or marketing for any company, product or service.

    Are websites that host mods and run advertisements such as ModDB and Nexusmods in violation of this? It’s ridiculous to expect a website to host data for free; they would sink faster than the Lusitania.


    Your Mods must only work with the full, registered copy of the Software, not independently or with any other software. Your Mod may not be distributed together with the base game as a “modded version” of the Software.

    Does this outlaw the existence of functionality mods? Specifically I’m talking about mods like SKSE; mods that exist to provide a framework for other mods and are very important for the community. Of course, I have no idea if such a mod would even be necessary for RimWorld, but the implication of banning this could be important.


    Your Mods must not contain any illegal material.

    I honestly have no idea what this could possibly entail. Copywritten material and malware are covered by other bullet points, so I cannot for the life of me figure out what you meant by this. I mean, it’s probably just a catch-all so I shouldn’t put too much thought into it. In any regard, you can skip this part (or really you can just skip this whole comment) as I really don’t have anything to say.


    Your Mods must clearly be presented as community-created content and not as thought they were official or made by Ludeon.



    You own content you create. However, by creating any Mod or derivative work from RimWorld or making any content available on or through the Software, you agree to give Ludeon permission to use, copy, modify, adapt, distribute, and publicly display that content, for free or as part of a commercial arrangement. This permission is irrevocable and lasts forever. You also agree to let Ludeon permit other people to use, copy, modify, adapt, distribute, and publicly display your content, for free or as part of a commercial arrangement. This permission can be sold or licensed to anyone. Though we generally like to credit everyone for their work, we’re not required to credit or acknowledge you if we use anything you created, or if we allow another to do so.

    You own content you create – at least until you actually create it. I’m sure this is status quo for this type of document, but it does come off as a little scummy. This section does possibly clear up point 6 above though; assuming of course that Ludeon gives specific websites permission to not go bankrupt.


    It means, for example, that if you distribute the Software to pirates, or break rules on the forum, or break any other rule in this EULA, we can revoke your access to the game with no refund.

    RIP me for accessing this from a computer my company owns.


    If the EULA is terminated, you no longer have any of the rights to the Software given in this license (though you do, of course, retain rights to things you created yourself).

    We don’t actually have any rights to anything we created. Ludeon owns it all.

    Writing all this out makes me seem like a crazy person. It’s already written, so too late to do anything about it now.

  72. ThomasG5

    Is there any way to remove the infastations or are they perma?
    I have one guy with muscle worms and one guy with mechanites 🙁

  73. Phlange

    Good work Tynan!

  74. Anal retentive,

    The EULA says you can only install the game on a device you own, not use the website.

    Many of your notes are just about things that seem redundant. Which is fine, but sometimes it’s worth restating things to make sure people understand and that they stick. Others are recommendations or lawyery legalese, so I won’t respond to those, as the wording follows industry standards.

    2. Fixed thanks.

    2. This part is specifically there to allow streamers and Youtubers to make gameplay videos.

    6. The EULA doesn’t regulate website hosts. They’re not game purchasers so they’re not even bound to it at all. EULA only regulates modders themselves.

    7. No; these mods still only do something meaningful in connection with RW.

    8. Illegal material refers to things like child porn or hate speech.

    9. Fixed thanks.

  75. Mossy piglet

    I can’t believe gunsmith in wasn’t mentioned in the video. Otherwise, I was soooooo happy about gunsmithing.

  76. Thomas – Some diseases take a long time to go away; keep treating!

  77. Joey

    I was waiting for this alpha before purchasing… purchased and stayed up till 4AM last night. 🙂

  78. Maker

    Love the new update.
    Some questions/requests though…
    Is there a way to prevent randoms from joining the colony? I would prefer it if there were a way to prevent some random shlub from waltzing onto my compound and just telling everyone hes a part of the group now and demanding bedding before he goes berzerk and kurders people.

    If you are looking to incorporate mods into the game, might I suggest something like the prepare carefully mod? Or at least controls to customize/shape my colonists pre drop? It kinda sucks having to hit randomize a load of times until I get someone who is capable of doing most things and isnt 85 years old.

    As always, just a thought. Love the game!

  79. Zenke

    You and your team are amazing. I cannot wait to sink my teeth into it. Nom. Thank you.

  80. Sevy

    So, if I’m understanding this: “Give copies of anything we’ve made, including the Software, to anyone else” right, I can’t give the game to a friend or family member? That seems a bit harsh, but Idk if that’s industry standard or something.

    Anyway, Great update! 🙂


  81. Sevy,

    No, I’m afraid you can’t give copies to family members or friends. That would be software piracy. This is pretty much a universal standard.

    That said, if you share a computer your family members can definitely play your copy on your machine.

  82. YES


  83. Dr. Z

    I imagine how they’re sitting in this room at the end of the video:
    – Go look if they’re still there.

    – Yep still there.

    And this continues until they all starve to death.

  84. Shenoa

    Woohoo I am so excited to play! I can only imagine this update will sap all desire to interact with real human beings for the next couple of weeks..Thanks for making such a great game. I am glad there have been developments that focus on surviving on the planet and those subsequent interactions more instead of striving to get off of it.

    NEXT: Multi-player?? Then I won’t have to feel bad about all the people I’m not talking to. 😀

  85. Izabel


    I have been frantically trying to get my current colony in Alpha 12 off the planet before this release. If only the damn exotic goods trader would come so I can finish building the final component!!

    I don’t know why… but I have got to send these little factitious colonists on their way into space before updated to the new alpha. I can’t abandon them now.

    The game has gotten into my brain in weird ways but I love it!

    Thank you Tynan!! All the gamer ladies love you! xoxox

  86. Thank you very much Izabel! Very happy to have the appreciation of the gamer ladies.

    Best of luck with the exotic trader 😀

  87. Collin

    ohhhh man. Tynan and crew, thank you, thank you! I’ve been patiently waiting for this update. Can’t wait to lose time and sleep over this game – all over again!

    You guys are awesome.

  88. KasseyP

    Hey! ^^ I’ve been following the game for a little while but ;; money. Hard. Ach.
    So… look, it’s awesome. I love the way that people grow and how beautifully dynamic and !! they are. But! There’s a little gap in how those characters could be and… well… it kinda sucks.
    Because you’re humanising these pawns – rightfully so! – but I just feel a little waylaid when there’s no way for those peeps to be trans, non-binary, gender fluid, arg! Especially if we’re talking about these characters using ‘gender’ as their romantic relationship thingy. Because that’s imports! ^^
    Also, (to run the risk of becoming a tumblrite) don’t forget the aroace folk! We’re gamers too! cx
    Loving the game (even from afar ;^;) <3 <3 <3 have the best of fun making it no matter what.

  89. Mossy piglet

    Actually, kasseyp I came across various new unmentioned traits, including gay.

  90. Hawksquill

    Thanks so much for the amazing update. I downloaded Alpha 12 3 weeks ago and have been engrossed in Rim World ever since. I am loving the story creation side of it and have actually started dreaming about my colony. My funniest moment was when all 12 colonists died in a fire in the food freezer… still makes me laugh thinking about it! Another gamer lady is very happy to now have this update to play around with.

  91. MndzVlz


  92. KasseyP

    True Mossy Piglet! ^^ And this is seriously awesomely wonderfully cool. I’m just hoping some of those are (and if not now then maaaaybe in future updates? uvo) the kind of thing that’ll include peeps who don’t usually get included.

  93. […] August erschien, ist es nun endlich wieder soweit und das nächste große Update auf die Version Alpha 13 ist erschienen und bringt neben einem Permadeath Modus, bei welchem das Spiel lediglich gespeichert […]

  94. Serhii

    I was waiting so long for this update! You’re realy made a great game. Thanks)

    I think, a thirst parameter would be nice to see in game, or some using water for cooking, for example.

  95. Alex

    Yay, I can have gay colonists! There could be a homophobic trait as well, as a negative trait to add more to the world, or just another trait. (Game wise, I am not making a political statement here)

  96. bacon

    okay can you please nerf some of the enemies on this game with the new update and all its awesome but now im getting my ass kicked twice as hard and im playing on a easier difficulty and its starting to get almost unenjoyable yes i love hard games and i like punishing myself with playing such game but jeez chill out on this game a little surviving a month is almost as hard as completing contra on the harder difficulties can you please buff the player in some aspects it dosen’t have to be to much but still its insane with this kind of difficulty
    all i ask is for some kind of buff on the player’s side
    (i still love this game though)

  97. bungbung

    I absolutely love this update… But I’m sad that they colonists can do some “lovin” but no results of that said… “lovin”, if you get my drift. Babies and reproduction would be awesome!

  98. ChimpX

    I appreciate what bungbung is saying about anklebiters running around our colonies, and I know plenty of folks would like that, but I entreat you, Tynan, to make it a selectable option.

    The ghastly fates we regularly send our colonists to can be viewed as humourously macabre when we’re talking about adults, but the same things happening to kids…

    Call me hypocritical if you like, but please make it a selectable option.

  99. VikingGoth

    Hey Tynan, could when get a notification when colonists get divorced?

    I started a colony with a dad (Callahan), his son (Eugine) and his son’s wife (Maisie), and her yorkie (Streak), and soon after the wife’s sister (Earth) shows up being chased by tribespeople, and I’d like to know if it was Maisie accidentally shooting Eugine in the head during the raid that did in their marriage, or if that was her getting back at him for something.

    Love this update.

  100. Brygun

    Is the permadeath save mod optional because I don’t actually like running games on pure rogue like. There many things from dinner breaks with I forgot the game was running to the is that how it works moments to be without conventional saves. Some people like it but its not for everyone.

  101. Brygun

    On the possibility of children from the pairings… consider how real life ESRB in different countries may look on violence to minors. It may end up causing some issues. *may* not sure but it may.

  102. Mikel

    Good morning , I wrote you an e – mail , the system will not let me buy the game, I reject the credit card , not for money, then do not understand the cause. I buy in steam and origin and goes all great. no restrictions ? I can not buy until be routed to Steam, Perdon por mi ingles, soy español y el que te traduce es Google 🙂 saludos

  103. Meg

    Right before you guys announced you were adding all of these cool features, I told my husband the game really needed some extras. That you needed more in terms of relationships and that I wish you could visit other tribes and just have more interaction.

    Boy, did you guys deliver. I just spent the last three hours going through and starting 3 colonies. All of them doomed catastrophically and in very funny ways. I am greatly enjoying the additions and can’t wait to get a colony that can weather some of the harsher conditions of living on the rim!

  104. Gabriel

    This update really sounds fun, but i dint like a thing:permadeath. I knife that is cheating but now its hardcore!

  105. MarvinKosh

    Gabriel – don’t worry, it’s an optional feature which you can turn on (or not) when you’re starting your game.

  106. Adrian

    I cannot buy the game. Any instructions?

  107. Adrian – SendOwl had a hiccup, should be fixed now.

  108. Sam

    Hey mate, loving the new update. I accidentally spent 14 hours playing yesterday :/
    A couple of concerns though:

    Has the frequency of trading ships reduced? While I love the new walking traders, they rarely have enough silver and often only have a few shivs and clubs to sell. I ended up with massive stockpiles of stuff because the trading ships were far more infrequent.

    Also I think the insect hives are a little overpowered by the middle/late game. Having a billion insects appear in the middle of your base with little room to fight them is harder than it is fun. Probably a personal preference though 🙂

    Otherwise I’m clearly enjoying the other updates – I had to wall my livestock away for the first time ever because bears, wargs and tortoises (!) kept eating my chickens and alpacas. And the relationship system is awesome. Having to keep colonists apart because they hate each others’ guts is a cool way to make the middle game more interesting

    Keep up the good work buddy!

  109. Sam

    Oh and further to that – It’d be great if there was a social tab on the history page so you could chart back the rise and fall of relationships and bonded animals and so on.
    I love the way the new social relationships add to the story telling of the whole game and being able to peruse back through them would be boss

  110. Zane

    Hi, I just recently downloaded the A13 files onto my computer into a folder that I created for it. It doesn’t sort things out into folders and makes it to where I cant launch the application. Any fix to that?

  111. Alex

    Just wanted to say thanks for the latest update – I only started playing a couple weeks ago but I binged on it an entire weekend when I first got it 🙂

    Also thanks for the Mac client – as someone who only recently started using them I didn’t understand how much it sucks to only have games on Windows (though I realize it’s not always feasible). So thanks for making my life that much easier / enjoyable 🙂

    Thanks again for a great game – looking forward to playing more !

  112. CHIP0TLE

    Thank you I’ve been waiting for this email
    Also pretty cool update

  113. Dan

    I have downloaded and installed Alpha 13 but AVG thinks it is a virus “IDP.ARES.GENERIC”. Please let me know what is going on.

  114. Dan – it’s just a false positive. AVG is hypersensitive.

  115. Arbitrary

    Infestations are too much of a pain, even in free build mode.

  116. Krides

    very good game but in the dutch version the language is like dutch and english mixed so if you could look at it it would ve very nice of you 🙂

  117. Sans

    how do get alpha 13/newest version i tried everything tell me.

  118. NoX

    I have the same problem like Zane. I cant open the application 🙁

  119. For game-wont-start problems, please start here:

  120. Sergey

    After requesting download links I received empty mail without links. Only order number 🙁

    Thanks for buying RimWorld! Your DRM-free personal download link(s):

    Sergey (order xxxxxxxx): [order status: complete]

    Your Steam key(s):

    Sergey (order xxxxxxxx): [order status: complete]

  121. aalikane

    Is there a feature in vanilla where if you capture a raider that has a relationship with a current colonist… they’re more likely to join your colony? Because I have a colonist that I don’t even remember capturing, let alone recruiting but they have a sister bond with one of my other colonists…

    But now I’ve got another slave that has a ‘lover’ bond with the same colonist from before…

    Is there a way to make it so that if the person they have a relationship tries to recruit them, its more effective? Or is that already implemented? (It also really sucks, because currently “savana” the member of the lover pair that is part of my colony, can’t warden so if it is already implemented…. has no effect on this situation)

  122. Zane

    @NoX I fixed the problem. The program I was using extracted the files really weird. Fixed it by downloading a different service to extract. Recommend 7zip

  123. SKCE

    Hey good work ! i have ideas for new random event like raid or else :
    – one group from an ennemy faction can come front of your colony with one prisoner who as family in your colony, the leader has the same trade icon as normals traiders, if you go talk to him you can buy the prisoner for something like 2.5k, if you dont go talk to him after few time they will execute the prisoner and leave/put fire to your walls and then leave.

    -at start more than one can join you or ask help, crash or more, it will makes the population grows faster at start.

    -when group or traders come to visit with family, it can ramdomly make him/her join you if they are lovers or maried, but your own can ask you to leave the colony to go with the trade group for ever, make them give you a lot of stuff or money. not aways but can happend.

    -when you have visiters, things can goes wrong, one of them can stole your stuff, so a fight start, but not like raid, more like socials fight, but you can choose to kill the one or not without going to war against the faction, but still loosing 10 reputation and keeping your stuff.

    -war battlefield : two factions come to fight near your colony, you can wait and watch the fight, or help the faction you want, giving you a instant 100 to the wining faction.

    (btw it must be cool to get ‘friends’ in social)

  124. Ivan Schukow

    Man, oh man. This update, I’ve played it a good amount of time now and by far my favorite part about it… Freaking everything. Made a colony in the harsh desert, after 2 in game years, Colonists were comfortable, decided to open a structure because eh we got plenty of guns, released a hive upon the desert sands, 1 hive became 2 and so on until there were about 50 of them. Tried digging in to burn down some hives, could not control it… Then a very unlikely thing happens, 3 Mechanoid Scythers begin laying waste to hundreds of insectoids. The insects were obliterated thoroughly, the Scythers met my colony’s death pit and we reaped the rewards of much meat and jelly. Rim World 10/10 would enjoy another Starcraft-esque fight and make sure everyone hears of this amazing game. Fantastic work Tynan Sylvester!

  125. borsi

    Damn epic update 😀

  126. Sam

    I don’t know if anyone else is having this issue but for some reason it says there is nowhere to haul my dead bodies to but I have plenty of empty graves…other than that loving the new update!!! 😀

  127. Sam

    Restarting the game seems to have fixed the grave problem 🙂 no more rotting bodies lying around 😀

  128. Grateful fan

    It would be cool if there where wild wolves in the tundra biomes that would appear.