Creative content rewards available separately from main game

Posted September 9th, 2016 by Tynan Sylvester

You can now buy the creative content rewards separately from the base game! This has been requested a few times, and now it’s possible.

Creative content rewards are things like Name in Game or Pirate King that allow you to put your own character content into the game through our automated Creative Rewards System. Previously these could only be purchased in packs with the main game. Now, you can purchase them separately, on Steam. They are:

Name in Game Access

Backstory in Game Access

Pirate King Access

Hope you like them!

Note: These upgrades are only available on Steam for now, DRM-free sales are still by package only.

10 Responses to “Creative content rewards available separately from main game”

  1. Calahan

    @ Tynan – Can you please clarify whether or not these creative rewards are also available separately for people who only own the DRM-free version of the game?

    As some DRM-free versions owners do not have the game on Steam, either by choice, or due to having purchased the DRM-free version after July 17th. So will they also be able to purchase these creative rewards separately? Or are they only available for Steam users?

  2. Only on Steam for now, I’m afraid.

  3. Calahan

    @ Tynan – Thank you for the clarification.

  4. Soleceon

    @Tynan – Since this will (probably) bring a lot more people into the game as backstory characters, will there be updates to the Creative rewards page? Currently there’s missing pieces like skill modifiers for the animal trait and “Scary” still exists even though it’s been replaced with “Firefighting”*.
    -I’m also curious if there’s ever going to be the option for trait settings in there, or even health settings. And will you be allowing players to respec their characters before beta/full release? Many things will probably change between then and now.

    *Might be wrong about that

  5. Hartschteiler

    Hey Tynan,
    since i think this is the best way to get in touch with you…
    Have you created some kind of road-map for the further developement?
    I am not talking about “content x will released with patch x”, more like thinks you want to see in the game in the near future and you know you are able to pull it off?

    No promises or similar, just stuff we can expect?

  6. Cass


    Is there any way to get a rough draft of a backstory preliminarily vetted before spending the money? My fiancee passed away earlier this year and I thought this would be a nice little tribute for her, but I’d want to make sure her backstory would be interesting enough to bring that tiny bit of spice to one character in the game.

    Cass / Nezz

  7. Cass – You could definitely email it to me – [email protected] – and I’ll give you info on it.

    Hart – Sorry, but no. Please see the FAQ.

  8. SKCE

    i got an idea for making the game more longer, as an option like permadeath mode, it could be “invasion”: a new incident that make raid(from pirats, nativs or maybe bugs) every 2 days at start, then they grow, and come everyday, the point is that you need to prepare to leave this map for immigrate to an other land, with a new way to stack ressouces vehicules or beast), this incident never end, until you leave or you die. it can appear at start or very late in the game, and may appear again in another map, so you need to do your spaceship faster.

  9. Calahan

    @ SKCE – There is a dedicated section of the forums for making suggestions, where ideas can be properly discussed with other players. Surprisingly enough, it’s called the “Suggestions” subforum. (The link to the forums is on the right-hand side of the menu at the top of this page).

  10. Eppie

    Hi there

    Thanks for a fun game. I just finished it for the first time.

    Is there any chance of cololonising the rest of the planet?

    Maybe I am missing something. I have had baby animals. But no baby humans ­čÖé

    Also getting off the starting tile? Again I may be missing something here. But my people didn’t go off the original map.

    Thanks again