I’ve always wanted to give Steam keys to all players who buy the game on our website. Unfortunately we had to disable that after scammers attacked the site and started harvesting thousands of dollars in games using stolen credit cards.

But no more! Web dev Hypolite has developed a new Steam registry system that directly connects to Valve’s servers and registers the game directly to your Steam account. This makes it impossible for scammers to harvest Steam keys they can re-sell.

The system is currently in testing, and will work only for users who bought up to the end of September 29, 2016 UTC. So, if you bought the game DRM-free before today, I invite you to go to the new Steam registry page and register your game on your Steam account.

Once testing is complete, we’ll be able to offer Steam access to all buyers of the DRM-free version.

7 Responses to “New Steam registry system in testing for those who bought before today”

  1. Tof

    This is great !

    Thank you.

  2. Michael

    I have never posted comments on anything like this anywhere. I have never written a review for a game before. I usually just keep to myself online. But I wanted to say in the brief time I have been interested in and owned this game (bought right after you pulled the Steam key ability for DRM-free owners) I have been extremely impressed with you, Tynan, as a developer.

    Even just attempting to re-implement the Steam keys for DRM-free purchasers is something that speaks volumes of your dedication to the players of this game, or any game you develop. The fact you released Steam keys in the first place was great, let alone to try and make it work again after horrible cheapskates took advantage of the system.

    I just wanted to let you know that. Thanks!

  3. Glerikud

    Thank you for this feature. It worked for me perfectly. 🙂

  4. Ragnarok

    I bought the game ages ago, around alpha 3 or 4, and got my Steam key and added it to my Steam library when the keys were released. If I already have Rimworld in my Steam library do I still need to do this registry thing? Or is this just for new(er) players?

  5. JoseM

    @Ragnarok: I assume you don’t need to do that. I’m on the same boat as you but already got my key, he is talking about those who never got a key.

    Anyway, i want also to say Thank you to Tynan for doing this. We need more devs like you in steam early access (well, and in general, too)

  6. MagnAxiom

    First, Love the game… So, I bought back before the game hit Steam, and I bought it when it hit Steam… but I tried your link to redeem my copy in steam and it griped at me and said I already owned it… but I’ve bought 2 licenses… I’d like to get both licenses into Steam so I can gift one to a friend I keep telling about the game.

  7. rangzen

    Same message than Michael. Thank you for your dedication, it means a lot for players and, I think, for the creation of a strong community around the game.
    Thanks a lot!