Steam access now available for DRM-free purchasers

Posted October 5th, 2016 by Tynan Sylvester

We’ve worked out the kinks since the last update, so now all purchasers buying the game off can immediately register their copy on Steam through

This is better than buying on Steam for a few reasons:

  • You get Steam access either way.
  • You get access to the DRM-free version as well, which can be useful.
  • You get access to the Prototype Pack of games that eventually became RimWorld (not available on Steam).
  • You get the warm fuzzy feeling of helping out a developer. Ludeon gets almost all the money you pay to buy DRM-free copies, whereas we get much less when you buy through Steam.

The way the new system works is that it doesn’t give Steam keys. It registers the game directly on your Steam account. I’m hoping this will make scamming infeasible. But, we’ll be watching in any case and will be invalidating any keys or accounts that were bought using stolen credit cards or through other chicanery.

25 Responses to “Steam access now available for DRM-free purchasers”

  1. Calahan

    @ Tynan – Are the Creative Content Rewards still only available for purchase separately through Steam? And if so how does this new system tie-in with that?

    By which mean could someone buy the game from Ludeon today, register it on Steam via the link you provided, and then at a later date buy a Creative Content Reward on Steam (Name in Game pack for example). Meaning they would ultimately have the DRM-free version, the game registered on Steam, and their Name in the Game.

    If so then would this also allow all current DRM-free owners to upgrade through Steam using this method? Meaning there is now a way for all owners of the game, regardless of whether they purchased it from Ludeon or Steam, to upgrade if they wish to (providing they are willing to register the game on Steam, and purchase a Creative Content Reward there).

    Is the above correct, or am I missing something?

  2. Calahan I don’t understand what you’re asking.

    All creative rewards tiers are available both on Steam and DRM-free.

    Any DRM-free purchaser can now register the game on Steam as well.

  3. Calahan

    @ Tynan – My understanding is, based on your blog note from your 9th of September post (re: Creative Content Rewards)…

    “Note: These upgrades are only available on Steam for now, DRM-free sales are still by package only.”

    .. that those owners of the DRM-free version who purchased the game after July 17th could not upgrade their pack. So if for example they bought the Full Game Pack from Ludeon after July 17th, then there was no way for them to upgrade to the Name in Game pack apart from buying it separately in the corresponding pack at full RRP. Since as your note said, the Creative Content Rewards were only available on Steam.

    But with this blog announcements, it now appears that DRM-free owners, regardless of when they purchased the game, can now upgrade by registering the game on Steam (remember they couldn’t do this if they purchased after July 17th), and then purchasing a Creative Content Reward (CCR) on Steam.

    In short – All DRM-free owners now have the option and means to upgrade (ie. purchase a CCR from Steam) regardless of when they bought the game. As previously, this was not the case for those purchasing after July 17th.

    I hope I’ve been clearly this time, and apologies for not being so earlier. (what’s that saying… Everything is always perfectly clear in the mind of the person saying it).

  4. Yes your impression is correct, DRM-free owners can register on Steam and then buy the pack upgrade on Steam.

  5. Dylan

    Doh! Purchased a copy of the game a couple of weeks ago as a gift through Steam. If I’d known this was happening I would’ve definitely grabbed it off the site! Oh well, now I know for future gift copies as I continue my work to get everyone addicted, so I don’t get as many confused looks when telling colony tales around friends.

  6. Calahan

    @ Tynan – Thank you for the confirmation regarding this.

    So as far as I can tell, unless you have funds in your Steam wallet that you are absolutely desperate to spend, then there is now no reason to buy the game directly from Steam. As you get zero benefits or perks by doing so, whereas you do if you purchase it from Ludeon. Not least of which is the DRM-free elephant in the room.

    And as elephants go, that’s a pretty big one!

  7. MarvinKosh

    I find that Steam cloud saving is a fairly decent perk. It beats manually syncing saves between machines using Dropbox.

  8. Ulf

    I do not want a Steam version. I bought Rimworld via the homepage and am glad with no key and registration.

    Translated with Google

  9. Sergey

    Well, I use steam only because of autoupdates. But, yeah, just bought Rimworld and happy with being able to properly support devs!

  10. Viprus

    Main reason why I like the steam version is, like Sergey said, auto updates and cloud saves, but also the syncing and auto updates of mods through the steam workshop.

  11. Maligner

    The reason that there’s no reason to buy from Steam is that you still get the game on Steam plus bonuses, so why not buy from the dev site? Sure, if you intend to play on Steam you might not see a difference. Tynan listed all of the differences for you. If nothing else, he makes more money for the same sale price on the buyer’s end.

    Also, were Steam ever to ban you or shut down, or some other reason that you lose access to Steam, then you lose access to the game whereas buying from the dev allows you two sources; Steam and the dev. If you buy directly from Steam, you only have the Steam license.

    Last several comments didn’t seem to get any of this….

  12. t

    you rock for this

  13. DOT

    Well I’m very glad for this update but i got weird text like this “Notice: Undefined variable: result in /home/tynansylvester/public_html/rimworld/getmygame/libraries/Rimworld.php on line 232” when i pressed ‘allow’ button. and rimworld isn’t registerd to my steam library. am i missed something for registering?

  14. Rodo


    It worked like charm. Downloading it right now on steam and no problems so far 😀

  15. Nicholas

    What about those of us that bought it on steam because we wanted it on steam and if we bought it on here we wouldn’t, i wanted the easy to manage steam workshop for the mods and now it seems like I’m punished for buying it from there not here.

  16. johnnyquest

    Well tough shit man, time to taste the fruits of your labor by helping steam become the “man”. Ease of use has killed the pooch, and someones gotta pay.

  17. tylertoo

    Tynan you should update your FAQ to reflect that Steam keys are available again to those who buy direct.

    I almost went direct to Steam because I saw the FAQ… but then looked in this blog entry.

  18. Thanks very much for the heads up! Fixed now.

  19. Ben

    @Tynan when will the next update come out?

  20. DOT

    The game has been correctly added to your Steam account. YES!!! YES
    !! oh my god you’re genius! thank you very much.

  21. an anonymous idea

    I’m not sure how difficult it would be to implement, but it would be great if you would give people a little skill training buff if they are near a master of the skill who is also working, like some sort of apprenticeship thing. The exact buff type doesn’t matter to me, could be a work speed buff, or a work quality buff, or a reduced fail rate, or something.

  22. an anonymous upset

    Daarrrrnnnnit! Charlie keeps trying to eat rice instead of fine meals! JUst CHarlie! Now Charlie’s got malaria and sick in the hospital, and NOW PEople are trying to FEed him RIce! Arrrggghhh!

  23. an anonymous oops

    Charlie is acetic… nevermind…

  24. marc

    hi guys!
    just a question, why when I go to my parent’s town, who have not internet, the steam offline mode I’m not allowed to use mods? I have arround 40 mods and the game goes perfect, I cant play without most of them …
    another question: is there a way to easy know how to order the mods to get full function? I observed some mods are lost in the way depending the position they have in the list.. would be great to know their priority .. it’s easy when you have 5 mods, but the guys cant stop doing more stuff and I’m completly addicted
    thanx in advance!

  25. Tobias

    As long as there is always a non-steam version (since I will probably never own a steam account) available, I’m good with it. 🙂