Tiny hotfix to Alpha12d

Posted August 29th, 2015 by Tynan Sylvester

I’ve just released aย tiny hotfix.ย For compatibility info and how to update, see this post on hotfixes.

This is just a balance update to solve issues with unlucky flashstorms ending the game in a rather un-entertaining way. The only change is:

  • Flashstorms are much less intense

This bring the game version to Alpha 12d, build 0.12.914.


28 Responses to “Tiny hotfix to Alpha12d”

  1. PookyJM

    Mouhahahahahahahaha, I will not update !

  2. zerggodmaster

    um well for me all the time for flash storms at a certain point rain comes and douses the fire and my one guy just walked through 1 to get to food
    he was unharmed he even walked through the fire itself

  3. zerggodmaster

    and i will not update either

  4. Nailik

    Yay, >.< just lost half my map since early on I had a huge flashstorm followed by a dry thunderstorm, and it was a few days before I got rain so my map got torched. I so will update :p

  5. flacongrey

    I found the random flash storms amazing! Never had them happen that ended the game, made it a challenge when 3/4 the map burned down. Reminded me of the wild fires in Norther Cali, Washington, and Oregon.

  6. falcongrey

    Misspelled my name in last post but I also won’t be updating to this one until needed.

  7. fal – it’s fine with me if the flashstorms make a forest fire. In fact that will be pretty much the same. The fire will be just as big.

    The problem was when the flashstorm was on your base. But hey, don’t update if you don’t want to, it’s your play ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Noobshock

    Does this hotfix also include the “animals now follow / defend their masters while hunting” ? If yes I wanna see some of that in action.

  9. falcongrey

    LOL, yeah, if it appeared on the base (never has yet) it would be a game stopper if you weren’t built into a mountain side like I usually do. Call me over precautions but I just hate getting wiped clean by 2 or 3 mortar launchers slamming me over and over.

    Yeah to me, the forest fires along with the lightning storm were spectacular to watch. I simply called everyone back to base, locked the doors, and hoped the lightning didn’t have blasters!

  10. Lazerus

    Tynan, I don’t know if it was asked, but when will we be able to spay/neuter animals?

  11. baconprison

    me and many others heard you won’t release this game on steam until 2016 srsly we are done waiting and want to play the game why can’t you just release it now

  12. Z0MBIE2

    Baconprison: If you’ve even bothered to read up on it, Tynan is taking a six month break now so he’s not releasing the game. And you can’t complain about that if you don’t own the game, and you can’t use the fact it isn’t on steam as an excuse.

  13. falcongrey

    @baconprison: Just purchase the game here and enjoy it man. You don’t need Steam to enjoy a game. Tynan has made an awesome game. If you want to ‘wait’ until steam release it is up to you, but don’t complain. You made the choice to ‘wait’. I waited for it for the longest but decided to simply purchase it and enjoy. Well worth the purchase ahead of Steam release.

    As for ‘Steam’ for those who purchased well ahead of the release, I’m sure Tynan will do all he can to help us either obtain a Steam key or get one at a very reduced priced. Doesn’t matter to me anymore if he is able to help with a Steam key or not, he earned the money I payed him with the hours I’ve poured into this game.

  14. Leeman

    Where can I download the newest version? I only got a link from SendOwl for Alpha12 but not for the hotfixes o.o

  15. Etherlord

    @Leeman the link you got is updated to the latest version; it will download alpha12d.

  16. Leeman

    Ah. lol. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Vosechu

    When I download a hotfix it decrements my number of downloads. Does that mean I can only download 5 more versions before I have to pay again?

  18. Praeses

    @Vosechu the counter resets with every new hotfix/release ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Gatt

    just a quick question,
    is anyone else finding that more and more colonists keep going into a broken or berserk faze since the introduction of animal taming?

  20. zerggodmaster

    same i agree with you gatt it is way to common

  21. Alex

    Don’t know if it’ts some feature I missed, but sometimes with taming animals, all of a sudden the tamers will refuse to do it, and when i try to prioritize it, the right-click menu doesn’t open. Just me or yall too?

  22. Alex

    I’m an absolute idiot lol. It was a new colony and I was trying to tame hares, and entirely herbivorous animal, without anything besides meat. So nevermind that comment!

  23. Jack

    Tynan, animals who haul ignore priority levels. Is this intentional?

  24. Jrayhiman

    I never received the email to update my game. Is there another way Iโ€™m supposed to go about doing that? Or should I just wait?

  25. jake

    Jrayhiman: The download link that you received when you purchased the game, or the download link from a recent update will serve you the most recent update. Open one of your old emails and use the link to download the latest version.

  26. zerggodmaster

    rare connection of colonists : staying at 0 mood for 5 days still wont break
    Required mood to break: -14%
    Required mood to go crazy: -23%

    ^ Ludeon whats going on

  27. Tynan, can we have a hotfix to stop raid pods landing inside roofed buildings in your base please?

  28. Gatt

    raiders landing inside the rooms is the beauty of infiltration.
    they aint going to avoid an area just because of a roof, if anything they would target as such.

    the mood settings are a real concern though, the game can become unplayable with larger towns due to them going nuts and attacking one another, no matter how many things meet their needs.