Alpha17b performance hotfix released

Posted June 3rd, 2017 by Tynan Sylvester

I’ve just released Alpha17b, a performance hotfix for Alpha17. Steam users will get it automatically, while non-Steam users can download from their existing permanent download link (there won’t be an update email sent out). This is build 0.17.1557.

When we made the targeting AI smarter in Alpha 17, we also made it harder on the CPU. Players in late game were seeing drastically reduced performance. Alpha17b optimizes this and several other things. There are no changes to gameplay – just optimization of what’s there already.

This update will work with your existing saved games, XML-only mods and (hopefully) most or all code mods.

If for any reason you want to continue on the older version, you can set your Steam beta branch to ‘alpha17a’.

Sorry for any disruption! We’re also hard at work on Alpha 18.

12 Responses to “Alpha17b performance hotfix released”

  1. Deepfield

    Thank you for the hotfix! Running much better!

  2. NegativeX

    Thanks Tynan! Sadly, it broke my save game… but I run 40+ MODs. So I need to dig through this and figure out what’s going on.

  3. Free Ideas!

    Very cool AI update! If you did nothing more, I would not be disappointed at all!

    I thought of something that might interest you pertaining to character labels and behaviors… What if, for instance applied to a hypothetical newborn baby colonist, you allow the random event system to create social events that, in effect, cause other colonists to label them with character traits…? Developmental character progression, maybe? But it would also be cool to have a second set of traits that can be altered, such as by traumatic experiences, which could be treated… or intentionally created…

    Just a thought. Great work!

  4. Jan Rudzki

    “We are also hard at work on Alpha 18”

    *excitement intensifies*

  5. axiomatt

    don’t think for a second tat you can get away with mentioning you are already working on alpha 18 and not even give us a hint of what it is!!!

  6. Jayson

    Does anyone know if the known Turret performance but is fixed in A17B? Just wondering.

    Link to bug. I know it will be fixed in A18 but I wonder if it got included here.

  7. Eli

    There is such an in depth system for physiological damage and it’s lasting effects, I would love to see some permanent psychological damage however. The character perks / flaws is great but they are set at the initial character creation and don’t ever change. They should have triggers that can develop the various personality traits. Kill a bunch of your friend during a mental break? Gain the psychopath trait. Live in a colony of all one sex? Gain the gay trait. See too many loved ones die in raids? Gain the pacifist trait.

    You could also have triggers that would remove various traits. Maybe there could even be a verb tied to the social skill of “give therapy” to help remove or set various traits. Then maybe in late game stuff there could be some neural implants that could mess with this stuff. I would use super science brain implants to brainwash a whole colony of psychopathic pyromaniac nudist night owls. 😉

  8. doom

    Many thanks from my asthmatic laptop!

    @Eli “gain the gay trait” this would trigger a lot of people…

    and with “brainwash a whole colony of psychopathic pyromaniac nudist night owls” I hope you mean turning everyone into psychopathic pyromaniac nudist night owls 😀

  9. Paulo

    Thanks for the update. Played the earliest alphas, then gave up and now come back to find a much better game. Thanks for everything. Just please go to the normal way of calling seasons, the new names sound too nerdish.

  10. Gav

    Eli, all the people who were born as gay psychopaths are probably coming to kill right you now.

  11. Eli

    @gav and Doom: I didn’t mean to suggest that you couldn’t be born with those traits as well, that is already represented in the game. I’m just saying you could also have life experiences that change you as well. It would be naive to suggest that culture doesn’t also play a role in that sort of thing. It’s always nurture and nature both. But you could always just avoid the stuff the PC police would get upset about if that was a concern.

  12. LSNDR

    Hello and thanks for this beautiful gem of a game.
    I just noticed a strange detail and wanted to point it out.
    It seems that the planet turns as Earth does, and I assume that the local map has the north towards the up of the screen.
    However, the shadows form to the right in the mornings, and to the left in the evenings, which is the opposite of what happens on Earth.
    Furthermore, at noon the shadows point towards south, but if I am in the northern hemisphere they should point north.
    Not that this really matters but I thought it was worth pointing out.