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Do you want to balance out the rough edges in vanilla Rimworld? Surely some one else has already done this, right? Are you overwhelmed by the number of mods in Rimworld? Have you just wanted to try them all out without having to track down conflicts? Then you are in luck! Here is the only list you'll ever need for the maximally-modded vanilla-feeling Rimworld experience. Just spam click all these downloads, move the files into Rimworld's mod folder (with one deletion on the last mod), and click that mod list! Since we are in Beta now and the game is coming out soon, I figured now is a good time to release this.

I've lurked on these boards for a while and put together a mod list that basically included everything I could get my hands on that worked well together and didn't drastically change or unbalance Rimworld. You won't see magic or elves. You'll just feel like the game got bigger and better balanced. Most of these mods are quality of life mods but there are also one that add things to vanilla in a way I just can't live without anymore. If you have a mod that you think I may not have seen (possible, but I have combed through every B18 release her a few times), just post a link. My responses will be somewhat arbitrary, but I can try to justify my decisions.

MetaMods, where order matters (put the first two on top of your mod list and mine at the very BOTTOM):
Universal Fermenter
Jecrell's Tobacco & Dry Leaves
TryB4Buy Metamod Medley      DOWNLOAD LINK

QoL: (when you say to yourself while playing vanilla "Why can't I ...?" or "I wish I could easily ...")
Rot Tick Fix
Idle Fix
Tick MultiThread
RuntimeGC In-Game Cleaner
Refugee Stats
Replace Walls
Path Avoid
Trading Spot
Haul to Stack
Allow Dead Man's Apparel (only)
[A17] Achtung (micro movement)
Reverse Command right click
Where's the gravel
I can Fix It (autoremake)
Map Reroll [huglib required]
Follow Me!
Area Unlocker
[A17] Quality Builder
Cleaning Area
Prepare Carefully
[A16] Petmute
Refuelable Passive Coolers
Rainbeua's Configurable Maps
Set Up Camps
Billys Improved Caravan Forming
Allow Tool [Haul urgently]
Hunting Alert
Hand me that Brick
DD Work Tab
Plant Saver (autosower)
Billy Improved Load Transports
Allow Fresh
Defensive Positions
Quality (weapon) cooldown
[A17] Smart Speed
Better Workbench management
ED Reverse Cooler direction
ED Turret Control
ED Safe Traps (zig-zag micro)
Better Pawn Restrict
Vein Miner
Just Ingore Me Passing
While You're Up
Pick up and Haul
Trader Dismissal
Bounded Roof Build Tool
Visible Pants!
Quality Fix
Room Food
Stuff filter (smelt resource)
Easy Speedup x4
Mehni's Misc (fight to death)
Room Sense
Snap Out of it
Weather Disruptor
SS Lightning Rod
Phi (multiplayer)
Skill Overhead

Small Tweaks: (generally add little bits that make the game either less of a pain or slightly harder)
Same Spot
Fluffy (%) Breakdowns
Static Quality Plus
GHXX Tech Advancing
RF Smooth Stone Walls
Table Diner
Rainbeua's More Trait Slots
Rainbeua's Consolidated Traits
Mending (repair durability)
Dodging Rebalanced
Crash Landing
Ugh You got Me
Super Soil
RT Fuse  
Cheaper Components
Garden Tools (make soil)
Stack XXL
Rimworld Autopsy
DE Surgeries (jaw, ear, etc)
Firefoam Belts
Custom Death Randomness
More Mental Breaks
Mining Helmet
RT Solar Flare Shield
Sun Tzu Raider Tactics
Glitter World Prime
Colony Leadership
Mechanoids Extraordinaire
Rubber Bullets
Simple Sidearms
Right tool for the Job (belt)
Hardcore Raids
Better Rewards
Researchable Stat Upgrades
*Rimfire [custom weapon]
*Note that this mod is special in that its defs folder should be manually deleted so as to not flood your modded game with tons of guns.

Mods that I'd like to see on this list in the future. Maybe they have low availability, need work, or not stable in B18 with a mod compilation like this:
QuoteJob Splitter
Rain Removes Filth
No Debris
Researchable Stat Upgrades
Predator Hunt Alert
Crap Not again
Boots and Gloves
[A16] World Pawn GC
~[A17] Manhunter Fix
~Wildlife Tab
~Work Tab
~Show Me Where (is fertile)
~Medical Tab
~PowerSwitch (self-flicking)
~Prepare Landing
~Expanded Context Menu
~Avoid Friendly Fire (demicro)
~Mining Company MMS
~Priority Treatment
~Impassable Map maker
~Real Fog of War
~Industrial Rollers

Lastly, I am aware that my TryB4Buy metamod could use de-pairing. I started this medley before that was an option and haven't gotten up to speed on the new tricks: . Maybe I'll do that when Rimworld is finally released, along with some slight terrain limiting and PlaceWorker_HeadOnShipBeam / PlaceWorker_HeadOnSensorCluster editing in order to limit the fusion reactor, ship computer core, structural beams, and ship engines to the sensor cluster only. Nor have I done the next step of optimizing the initial program launch time with this Conflict Checker:

Licensing: I do not own any of the other above mods. All credit goes to the real mod makers. My mod is released with no licensing restrictions at all. See their individual licenses, which I do not infringe, if you want to re-release their original material. I'll leave you with a link to a great joke mod: which I recommend you try on my intense difficulty scenarios (in your AppData\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld by Ludeon Studios\Scenarios folder).
Was this "unable to manually capture" bug in B18? 27:27. I think its because he cleared a prisoner's room to non-prisoner. I'll wait for 1.0 to actually come out.
Outdated / Re: Harry Dickle's Fuzzy Pickle
June 09, 2018, 10:43:52 PM
I know you're updating abandoned mods. But if you'd like to upload non-steam versions (for us anti-steamer people) of these mods, I'd appreciate it:

[B18] Job Splitter
[B18] No Debris  
[B18] Researchable Stat Upgrades
[B18] Predator Hunt Alert
[B18] Crap Not again
For instance, you find (or start with) medicine but need the original 3 cloth, 1 neutroamine and 1 herbal medicine more. Has anyone made a mod that allows you to extract the component resources of various composite items?
I like this mod. But even if it only fired in rare circumstances, its essentially like getting a trader you can attack without worry (save man-hunter). This makes it an 'easy mode' mod. It trivialized my ice sheet run with free meat. I won't be using it in its current form next time.
I realize this mod has been around for 4 years and that OP replied last 7 pages ago. All that is great. But I searched for balance specifically around "max" and "20" to see if anyone else realized how powerful pawns would be when they can be guaranteed to start at with a max of 20 in any particular skill. I also realize that skills lose XP in vanilla, but this is rather often patched away for users who use mods. Lastly, I know that the early days of the mod were known to not necessarily balanced.

I did not see anything in the first post so I'll ask some of the regulars like HD in addition to EdB if the B18 version is considered "finished" where balance is concerned. Are passions/items/skill allocation generally rated in good proportionate worth for any two things the mod compares?

If yes, I'd like to draw people's attention to how skill points seem to have exponential returns the further along you are into building a super colonist. If no, I'd like to ask what the difficulties are currently, in hopes of helping EdB solve them from a balancing standpoint (all the technical stuff I leave to him).
Releases / Re: [B18] [KV] Trading Spot [ModSync]
April 30, 2018, 12:32:23 PM
Thanks. I was aware of mods that up research times. I'm fine with vanilla lengths. I just want to avoid vanilla methods of pooling research (which I've been doing out of self-restraint).

No pressure, but I'm sure others could find a use for a generalized mod that allowed building number limitations on whatever building name was inputed into a def (like only a certain number of fusion cores or turrets or whatever)
Releases / Re: [B18] [KV] Trading Spot [ModSync]
April 25, 2018, 03:04:14 PM
Kiame, could I request a similar mod?

This mod prevents multiple trading spots by checking if another one is made and then destroying the first one. Could a similar mod be made that destroys a research bench when another one is created? I am hoping for a difficulty mod that makes it so you can't spam half a dozen researchers and reach late game too quickly. So far I've just excersized self-control, but a codified mod for it would be great.
So who wants to throw up a dropbox zip of that for me? None of my steam friends play rimworld.
Quote from: Canute on March 26, 2018, 02:26:38 AMDid you watch your faction standing before/after or do you just watch if they are geting hostile ?

You right with the friendly fire, every bullet that hit a neutral pawn, lower your standing with that faction, not only the dead.
So it can happen the faction turn hostile even when noone died so far.
I'm not 100% sure. But I often play rimworld scenarios with as much difficulty as possible (multiple raids per day). One of those scenarios I allowed traders to spawn along with the raiders. It resulted in a normal length (45 in-game day) where every single day every single trader got massacred by raiders. The trader factions never went hostile, nor was I warned about lowered relations unless a roof fell on them or they caught on fire by lightning since the game couldn't identify the source of the damage.

I suppose its possible their goodwill just lowers until they are almost hostile. But that's good enough for me.  ;D
Outdated / Re: [B18] Boots and Gloves
March 29, 2018, 12:42:23 AM
Quote from: wwWraith on January 31, 2018, 07:21:27 AMIssues
Bionic legs/arms in vanilla don't technically include feet/hands, so boots/gloves can't be worn by pawns that have both bionic legs/arms.
Is there any way around this?
Hey orion, is there a non-steam version of your Therapy mod?
Outdated / Re: [B18] DD Work Tab
March 29, 2018, 12:25:24 AM
Quote from: Dingo on February 23, 2018, 03:10:22 AMWell that's a vanilla issue that Fluffy's tab kinda addresses. If someone adapts DD to a text-based version it'll be possible to do. The graphic interface would just become insane not to mention all the needed textures to do what you're asking.
Fluffy's tab doesn't work for me. It racks up continuous errors when trying to go into the tab. So with your mod, even if the textures are blank, just having tooltip text will be useful. Counting by this mod the additional job types are: surgery, nursing (others) feeding (others), rearming (mortars), refuel (launchers), butcher (which can be manipulated via production table cooking skill ranges), brew (alcohol), repair, demolition, harvest vs sow, drill vs mine, DRUGS (scheduled or unscheduled?), assemble vs refine vs stone cut vs smelt (again can be set in production tables), mortician. I don't know what negotiating is compared to wardening.

Quote from: wwWraith on February 23, 2018, 04:00:04 AMPriority treatment does exactly this thing.
That saves a command. But will they wake up to self-tend their gutworms? Or do I still have to draft them to wake them up?
Oh finally, rain removing filth. I always got mad when vanilla had torrential rain with blood and throw-up that could withstand near flooding.

Can this be made for other weather types? Like having snow cover up blood, or toxic fallout denature vomit?
Quote from: Harry_Dicks on January 27, 2018, 04:32:20 PMno way of controlling what gets infused
This. Rather than have them added for free randomly, can we have a cost associated with the infusions and get to chose the infusion??

Because right now, crafting tons of daggers to get the infusion you actually want is silly.

Also, is there an additional dependency I don't have? I get a ton of the following errors:
Could not resolve cross-reference to RimWorld.StatDef named SwayFactor
Verse.DirectXmlCrossRefLoader:TryResolveDef(String, FailMode)